First Post

I am a writer at heart. Although I often find myself short of time or note worthy thoughts, I have found I am happiest while sharing. Whether sharing be of writing in my own private journal, ranting to my Father, discussing w/ friends, teaching youth or a small group, it's in these times of transparency that I feel at home. So, all of that to say here it is, a blog. Not myspace not facebook a blog that is just for me. Just for my rantings, soap boxes, honesty, openess, joys, disappointments, anything and everything that needs to be let out of the safehaven of my heart and mind.
This blog will more often than not talk about Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior of my life but also my constant best friend. I don't think that i could tell stories about me that doesn't involve at the very least a Christian based mind set. It is my starting point for any and every situation that I am faced with.
The Texas Tech Spring 2009 semester is well underway and my schedule is jammed pack as I get ready to embrace this final year I have as a student at Texas Tech University. I'm excited and nervous as I ponder my time spent and time to spend as this period of my life comes to a closing. Throughout this blog I will discuss various stories of my past, events in present, options and goals for the future.
Walk with me on this amazing blessing and journey of life.
Be Blessed,
J. Tate