Breakfast with a dear friend

Kayce. This friendship is one of the most special of my friendships. It's filled w/ laughter, tears, love, admonishment, conviction, encouragement, it is one of if not my most Christ like friendship. I know Kayce always has truth for me, 9 times out of 10 followed up with a Bible verse. This morning we went and had breakfast together. I was so excited to have this time, because we haven't had a chance to truly share since i've been back from break. After i leave these meetings with Kayce I always leave encouraged, inspired, ready to embrace the day. This morning we talked over breakfast and coffee sharing our successes, our failures, our convictions, our times with the Lord, and of course the much needed however painful time of calling out and advice giving. Kayce always has words of wisdom for me. Words that prick my heart especially when she pulls our her little bible she carries around in her purse and declares scripture and challenges me to adhere. I need this friendship. I find that i love correction, i love challenges, i love advice, conviction, all together i love learning, i love sanctification and being more like Christ and i find that very few friendships hold what this one does, honesty at all cost. Truth. As we discussed issues such as our problems w/ entitlement and others. I found her truth to be directly from the Holy Spirit. Among the few things that struck a chord were the words "I trust the Lord with you". She said I can give you advice that says to chill out, don't worry, because I know He will take care of you. I know the God who watched over you then, watches over you now, and will watch over you tomorrow. This is how her words sounded to me! No matter what heart ache you may face, no matter how bad it gets, He will still protect you. What a great stand point. Maybe in my meetings with people and my desperate attempts to give them advice to get out of their situations have all together been in vain. Maybe, I should have trusted the Lord's grace over them. She said i find all to often we will do whatever means necessary to escape our current heartache all the while the Lord is right beside us... Molding, teaching, sculpting if you will, sanctifying, making us into Christ. This resignates in my soul as i think on my prayer life. How many times have i ran to the feet of the Father to beg, to plead, rid me of this thorn!! Rid me of this pain, get rid of this situation, give me the answer, I NEED TO KNOW!, etc. all the while the Father in his all knowing being must be thinking "Gag me!" ok ok ok. I'll admit that was dramatic. But how He must long to quiet me for 2 seconds to say, Dear Child, I have been with you, I am with you, and I will be with you.I have you in my hands, I am taking care of you, and i know what you need, and I supply all of your needs! Yes, I am once again reminded of scripture.
1 Peter 1:1,2
Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord, as His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue

Oh peter. how you knew where my wandering heart would run. GRACE, PEACE, He's given you all things that pertain to life and godliness!!! through... KNOWLEDGE OF HIM! But it is so easy to chase after comfort. To chase after the easy. The painless.

***Why can I be bought so cheap by the enemy's tactics well knowing I have been paid for FULL PRICE by God Himself?***

Maybe it is easier, however less beneficial, to trust in myself rather than God. I mean in doing so, i can only let myself down... right? I know i know i'm getting off course. I guess the point is to say. She invoked much inward thinking, much prayer to the Father. It's time to stop praying God be with this situation, and actually start talking to God, expressing my heart. I must end this. my roommate's family is here. This is the beginning of a book of blogs to come!
be blessed!