i had just typed a long blog and the internet messed up so now i have 10 minutes to type it all again :(
God is doing so many AMAZING THINGS HERE... I am loving every minute of it. We eat rice and beans at every meal haha and that is the only downside. Today we had a blessing as we came into a different part of town and got pizza.!!! Last night we went to a pentecostal church and it felt like home!! We have the opportunity to go to a church any night of the week, we're constantly getting invited to preach everywhere we go.
The first night we were were Annette said you'll preach tomorrow. That was 9 p.m and i taught at 730 a.m the next day haha. So we're learning to be ready in season and out of season. Teaching with a translator was a new experience. I was teaching on raising up a generation of Christian leaders in Rwanda. I started talking about bondage and the translator couldn't translate bondage. haha. That was weird.
I see the Lord developing my gifts of healing and prophesy and that is so so cool to me.
When we painted a building in a local school all of the local kids come and stare at us saying mozungo mozungo... or white person. There is one little boy i have fallen in love w/ who has worn the same thing every day i've seen him a pajama pant suit. it's so hot but that is all he has. many of the kids are compassion or world vision kids...
We have seen God do many miracles and know there are more to come. I can't wait to see how the rest of the trip plays out. I wish i had more time to talk about it.
We had east soon and then north, then back to kigali before we leave. Keep our team in your prayers. God has done GREAT GREAT THINGS...
currently i miss... mas amigos sweet tea, hot shower, and shaved legs. haha love yal.