Northern Rwanda

we have successfully made it to Northern Rwanda. I was so captivated by the beauty of God's creation!! There are beautiful green mountains everywhere!!! I cannot say enough about the children here. As we walk into an area they surround us just wanting to touch our white skin. They scream MUZUNGU MUZUNGU all the time haha. The Lord is really challenging me in my own spiritual life the last couple of days but i am moving through some personal things and i know it is for my own benefit.
I love watching our team interact w/ the children here. The other day i looked out the window and saw the girl i mentor loving on about 7 kids around her and i cried haha. I had this sudden feeling of just being so proud of her.
We had a girl get her bag stolen. Money, passport, military id, camera, everything. We prayed and it miraculously was returned to us hours later!! That is so our God.
We prayed over a man who wanted his baby to be healed who was at home sick, he returned home from church and his baby was HEALED!
God is def. moving and i wish i had time to write about more stories. Continue to lift our team up. We'll spend 6 days here and then 7 days in the east and then in kigali for 3 days before america.
We went to another genocide memorial the other day. i'm learning so much about this devestating time for Rwanda. I cried as they told me about how much the church has betrayed it's people here. We were in a church and they actually walked us between caskets of the dead, they told us that thousands of people were piled into the church to be protected but when the men came to kill them the church told them where they were hiding. The people were burned alive. The youth were hiding outside and the men took the youth and began slaughtering them. I could not help about our youth @ cornerstone. i pictured their faces. I thought about the kids at the trailer park in lbk. I could not imagine watching them be slaughtered. I am mortified at the crimes committed.
I was supposed to speak in a church last week and at noon that day i was told we would not be going to the church, becasue the pastor was beign arrested for crimes he'd committed during the genocide 15 years earlier. They are still working on prosecuting the people who massacred nearly 300,000 people.
I have hope for this nation...
Currently i miss: HOT SHOWERS... and that is about all i can think about now. i shaved my legs today!! i also of course miss family and friends!
love you all.. more to come, should have more internet access this week.