Northern Rwanda 2

hey i have an extra thirty minutes to try and write a blog about some of the details i wanted to share but haven't had time.
Today is an off day for our team we're going hiking up a volcano then going to the market. Tonight i preach so lift me up in your prayers, the Lord woke me up at 4 a.m. with the message so i'm running on God's strength today haha, but i'm way excited.
1) fun thing... Dolly parton is played in our van quite often, who knew rwandans liked country music? yesterday we were at a school with HUNDREDS of kids surrounding us and one kid told someone on the team he loved kenny chesney. Amen. haha.
2)I want yal' to be praying for a woman named flavania, we were at a Pentecostal church (we have been to different churches almost every night, i'm loving it) and we were asked to pray for her to have a child she has had 10 MISCARRIAGES!!! she is an amazing woman of God, the pastor's wife, her and her husband do local prostitute ministry in addition to their church. Join me in praying for God to bless her with a child.
3) We were at what i would call a "white" supermarket in kigali and were passed by a woman with a University of Texas bag. We got to talking and her and her family are here doing mission work for 2 years. She graduated from UT and has lived in austin her entire life, small world!
4) on that note. yesterday we went to a different school here up north and ran into some mroe abazungus (plural of muzungu) it is an engineering team from BAYLOR UNIVERSITY! they were at teh school putting in new plumbing and solar panels to make school better for the students.

The Lord is currently teaching me on trust. It's ironic that this semester i had a conversation w/ Laurie glazener and she said the scripture the Lord is giving me is proverbs 3:5. At that time i didn't really want to deal w/ the things the Lord was talking to me about, and now i am DEALIGN WITH THEM!! haha. So pray w/ me as i am learning more about proverbs 3:5-8. Being challenged and growing.

This week is jam packed for us everyday we're going to different schools to teach. Yesteray we did an assembly with nearly 600 people all around. People from the local village, students, adults... it was insane.

God is moving in Rwanda and not just through our team. It's so great.
One of the schools we went to yesterday was english speaking (the nicest school we've been to in rwanda) and i got to have several one on one conversations with teenage girls! I loved it. I asked them about their walks w/ the Lord, passions, vision, desire, it was great. They all have big dreams.

I guess that is all for this blog. Lift us up. Two weeks left.