Northern Rwanda TODAY!!!

So I had the BEST day i've had in Rwanda.
i know now i'm getting on the internet too much! There is just so much I want to share!!
Today we went hiking up a volcano it was BEAUTIFUL! As I was telling God how amazing His creation was (the mountains) He said look at my creation over there. It was about 10 kids from the local village who'd followed us on our hike. I went and sat w/ them and ended up sharing Christ w/ them through our translator and now friend Latima. They'd never heard of jesus before, only God.
Then we went to various markets and had a BLAST.
Tonight I was set up to preach at a "small group" yea right. In Africa nothign involving white people is small. They set up chairs in the middle of a village and tons of people came and at least 100 kids. I enjoyed it so much and afterwards many came up to receive Christ, but the coolest part for me was the dancing. The women came up and said they wanted to give a praise dance to thank God for the message. I got to dance in the street w/ them as we thanked God for His Word. After a man came runningup to our group drunk wanting to receive YESU (Jesus). Our team prayed for the man.
Today was an amazing day filled w/ God's creation mountains, flowers, people. I love watching the Lord use our team and i love dancing w/ the africans hehe!!!
That was my amazing day.
Tomorrow i give my testimony to the secondary school. They speak english well! So i'm excited taht maybe I won't have a translator and i can be more real w/ them. We'll see.
Your prayers are felt.
J. Tate