Prayer Requests from Rwanda

Hey ya'll.
I have a few prayer requests for you mighty prayer warriors back in the states. Several of our team members are getting sick. Last night we had one up all night sick. Then today we took the afternoon off because many of us are beginning to feel sick. Most of it is probably from being tired. Sore throats and head aches. I was exhausted this afternoon and went to lay down woke up later feeling a little rough myself. Spent a little time w/ the Lord and decided we'd get some prayers going out before we allow satan to attack our team any farther. So just join w/ me in applying the blood of Jesus to our team, speaking healing to our flesh, and asking for supernatural rest.
Also, the people who have been on my mind to continue to pray about over here:
Flavania that God may grant her a child.
The 10 kids that had never heard of Jesus taht we met on the hike.
The people who were saved that night.
Our friend Robert who is a light in a dark place in Kigali.
Pastor Nathan Amooti who is helping us as we switch cities.
Our friend Daria who took us to the pentecostal church and has been a huge prayer warrior on our behalf.
Chris (one of our team members) we continue to pray for God to restore his hearing.
The builders of under the mango tree church as more and more begin to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
A little boy who is forever in my heart, Bunda.

Continue to pray for all the people we've come in contact w/, preached to, loved on, done business with, served, and all that we will come in contact with.

On a lighter note:
I completely forgot to blog about our safari trip. We went on a safari and it was a blast but the funnest part for the team: Being charged by an angry elephant. Calm down parents our excellent bus driver Buterra was able to make a clean getaway. We were driving along the path not slowly because we were going back to the camp as we rounded a corner we were faced head on with one of the elephants. If you didn't know elephants and hippos are the causes for the most human deaths by animals in africa. The elephant assumed we were challenging it and began to charge, we drove off into a bush sped through the grassland and ended up on the other side of him as he caught sight of us again he began chasing us. After he saw we were too far he simply returned to eating the grass in front of him. Honorary things those elephants. haha.

Thanks for your prayers,
J. Tate