Last Northern Rwanda update

I have been in church since 730 this morning!!!! No more giving my pastors a hard time for how long service goes haha. Actually it was 2 services. An english service at 730 and an kenyarwandan at 9. We got our around 1245. This afternoon we're putting on a service, our leader annette will be speaking, and then i will get up to give some encouragement and testimony. The whole service is on the holy spirit! I'm way excited. Afterwards will be question and answer period for anyone at the service. Many are expected to be tehre.
We leave tomorrow morning to head to the East.
As is the norm for africa we have no clue what we'll be doing there. Probably some more street evangelism and preaching in the schools. I once again am ready for the change of scenery. The north has felt like luxory w/ being able to have the internet almost every day and not only eating beans and rice, but we've had some fruits, some grilled vegetables, and some beef!! Also, i heard that if you get up really early you get a hot shower, so just this morning i got up at 515 and had a VERY hot shower. it was like God had come down and met me right there under that steaming water!! I was so thankful haha.
We were joking around today and i was telling the team. As soon as i get to my grandma's house friday i'll take a hot shower, get up and take a hot shower, fly to houston, get home, take a hot shower, take a nap, take a hot shower, go to bed, get up and take a hot shower!! haha.
We are definitely expectant for teh Lord to work this afternoon and of course the rest of our stay here! As always keep us in your prayers.
Not sure when the next update will be!