Back in the LBK

I am here. Lubbock, Texas. My home for the past 3 years and place of tremendous spiritual growth and trials. Place of heart ache, happiness, frustration, triumph. This is my last six months in this town. I am relieved. I have loved Texas Tech and I have loved this place, but at the same time I have hated it. The most frustrating point of all of this is, the things I have prayed for, hoped for, longed for, they're happening now, right before I leave.
Encountering God was just given a miracle where we are now leasing a HUGE amazing building for the same price were paying for the trailer. We will have more utilities and ways to reach out to the people of west Lubbock. Beyond that through prayer there has been a decision made to not only have Encountering God as a youth outreach and ministry, but now as a church!!!
The idea of this church is to take it back old school, i'm not talking traditional robes and such, rather Acts 2! Church will be free of legalism, religiosity, and man's doctrine of how church should be. It is come as you are and let God radically change your life. We will challenge the members to accept Jesus Christ sacrifice, repent, and change. Teach the Word of God. Preaching will probably be done in jeans and a t-shirt. We want God to be the focus, not looking good, being fancy, or prideful. Humbled, loyal, devoted, followers of Christ, joining together to glorify God. The kind of church I have prayed to find since I was a freshman finally is coming into existence... 6 months before I leave. Oh well, praise God for Him bringing it into existence.
Also, I get to lead the middle school and high school ministry or "youth" for EG. I could not be more excited. I have been asking God for new opportunities to teach and to stretch me. Just being a leader at EG has stretched me, leading it, wow I can't even fathom. I am so excited to seek God's face for how He would have me minister to these youth, that well, are way different than the youth I am involved with in Liberty. It will be a stretch to reach out to youth that have lived lives way different than mine. I know that God is faithful and sovereign.
As soon as December comes I will be attending Southwestern Assembly of God University in Waxahachie Texas. I have not decided yet, if I will move there, or do my first year's course work online. Either way I am beyond excitement and sadness. This is new for me. For the past year I could not get out of LBK soon enough. The costs we're overcoming the rewards, the bad things were significantly outnumbering the good, but now as the things I have prayed for come together, it's disappointing to leave them behind. I have loved Texas Tech, but it is the LBK ministry that has my heart. EG and IHOPrayer have been strength and stability when I was weak and confused. The mentors, adults, basically people who know more than me in these ministries have comforted and carried me. IHOP is now open 6 days a week and EG well we've already discussed that. The Lord is moving in them and through them, blessing them, and letting them sore to knew heights. These 2 ministries will never leave my heart. I dare to say 20 years from now no matter where i am; texas, U.S, out of the country, married or not, kids or not, in ministry or not, I will remember the things I have learned from these years with them.
So, here it is back in the LBK. New emotions that come along with being able to see the end. One semester away. Graduation, 22 years old. I pray for this city, I pray for the various ministries and organizations I've been apart of, for my university from which my degree will always be from and my football loyalty will always lie. I'm excited that God is moving here and I can't wait to see what all He has planned for this city.