I'm not sure what the title means. Yesterday I was running w/ my roommates and managed to sprain my ankle. So now in the midst of training for the half marathon I'm walking around on crutches with a nice big swollen ankle! Boo. Instead of going to San Antonio to float the river with my friends I'm going to go meet my mom in Dallas. This will be good though because i'll get my dog missy back and we'll go visit SAGU, the grad school I'm planning on going to.
Tomorrow we have another staff meeting for EG we're really seeing things come together. In just a few weeks we'll be having church and have started the youth center program up and in full swing.
Right now I'm going through 1 Kings in the word. I just started it this morning and I was thinking about dear ole' solomon and all the wisdom he had. Do you know what Solomon proved to me this morning? It is one thing to have wisdom and it is another thing to use it. Solomon had more wisdom than any man and yet he still managed to mess things up.
I have more thoughts on this, but no time to type right now.
J. Tate