Facebook, Patience,Forgiveness,Anger, etc.

Last night I regretfully/enthusiastically deactivated my facebook. I enjoy facebook heh.I like to keep updated on the lives of my friends that I hardly get to see. Without facebook I'd never be able to keep up with everyone. I think of facebook as putting all of those people who matter to me and throwing them into one place where I can message them, talk to them, chat w/ them, laugh with them, and share in experience as I never would be able to without it. The problem is I've gotten where I get on facebook quite often and rather than just spending 10-20 minutes @ a time I spend quite a lot of time or only spend 5 min. but check it like 2500 x a day. So after realizing how ridiculous this was, I promptly decided to just get rid of it. You know you have an addiction when you're having withdrawals, haha. On another note I have found myself farely well impatient lately. I decided I really needed to separate myself last night so I went to a prayer meeting at a church I don't attend and I sat with my head down and just sat for quite a long time. I began to speak to God and I realized how much anger and frustration i have going through me right now for various issues. Alot is going on but I am not doing a good job of going to God with these issues, instead i'm getting angry with Him. I've told people all the time if you're ever angry with God, it's not Him, it's you. I had to swallow this pill last night as I sat there realizing that.
I'm not normally an angry person. I would say i have developed into an emotional one. I cry, i feel, i hurt, i have compassion, and yes i have anger among other various emotions. Normally anger I can shake within a matter of minutes. But this anger was/is coming from deep within. Months of just not dealing with issue after issue that irked me. I'm going through the process now of removing some distractions, i'm in college this is still possible, and trying to get back to the basics. Waking up in the morning and thanking the Lord for life, giving Him praise for who He is and what He's done, and then simply talking to Him as I would a best friend. Divulging all of those hurts, angers, bitterness, etc. Maybe in the hustle and bustle I'd forgotten that He is my Best Friend. He's nto just this God ten million miles away that occasionally steps in and intervenes in my life. He is my God, My friend, My Beloved and I'm His. It's easy to be religious without relationship. To get up read my bible, pray the correct prayers, be an intercessor, do the ministry, and not really offer the part of you He wants most, your heart. Right now I feel like there's alot of things He's cutting through to get to my heart, but it's happening and it needs to.
As Always Be Blessed,
J. Tate