Foot... gross!

Well here is one picture of my foot and i'll add another one at the bottom. The swelling is almost gone and now we're just bruises! I went in for an interview for a job i really wanted today and I got offered the position. Unfortunately now it looks like it's not going to work w/ my schedule, we're discussing ways we can work it out!
My friend Kayce came over last night and as usual she said some things that make me think. One of those was "your emotions tend to follow your decisions", she discussed this thought as she talked about forgiveness. I began to think about it in context with many other things. How often do we find that emotions won't change until we finally make a decision to change. I see this in my attitude in the last couple of weeks. I have chosen to not look at the positive, i've chosen to focus on the negative, i've chosen to only see where i've been attacked and now where i've been blessed, therefore my emotions have followed suit. I've been pretty bitter, angry, frustrated, etc...
I know that the Lord is good and I see His mercy being new everyday. I see His unconditional love, and I see His patience with me. I'm trying to not take that for granted in these moments.
I say all this but life is not bad right now. Things are good, there are just little things that are attacking my insecurities and making me worried rather than life just falling apart at the seams. I think to top it off is those around me are struggling also!!!
No matter what, God is good, and there's always better things ahead.
Be Blessed
J. Tate