This morning I went to staff meeting for EG and heard stories of the lives this church is already touching and we haven't even OPENED THE DOORS YET... I got goose bumps, excitement, and tears of joy.
I came home and begin to fill out a form for EG to have a booth at the Foundation Ministry fair and then began to type up my pamplet full of information about what EG Youth will be all about. I was then quite anxious.
I went to school and listened to a lecture on prevention of alcoholism and heard some things I thoroughly disagree with. I was annoyed.
My group asked me to speak for us in the group discussion time. I had strong opinions on today's question that was about teaching moderation in drinking to teenagers. I was passionate.
I left class to come home to two friends painting my room. One of them is moving into my room with me and will have the room when i move out in December, so i told her she could paint over my hot pink and lime green :) As I watched the pink go I was contemplative.
In my closet I found bags of notes from highschool and i sat down to begin to read them. At times I was happy, sad, encouraged, ashamed.
I called a friend to tell her about a lot of the things I'd read because i had become reflective.
I decided to go up to Lubbock International House of Prayer for a worship set. As I entered into God's presence I was at peace, I was thankful.

I'm sure this is not even all of the moods or emotions I had today. Emotions are a tricky time because we base so much off of them. If we're not feeling a certain way we think God's not listening to us or we're growing distance. If we don't feel a certain way we feel like prayer was ineffective. We allow our emotions to tell us the quality of prayer, bible reading, worship, relationship, message, etc.

It's not how I feel about something, it's facts from God's word. Pastor mike says all the time "if the Word says it, that settles it". I like that. The Word it more truthful than even my own feelings and emotions. I am who it says I am. Something i've learned is not to say that i know God is like this... He does this... because of experiences, but only by the Word of God. Because even experience can lie. My emotions or thoughts from a situation can dilute what really happened. We have to interpret experiences by the Word of God not the Word of God by experience.

I'm trying to go back to the basics right now. Reexamine life and especially my relationship with the Lord and others.

As always Be blessed,
J. Tate

bye bye pretty room!