Where will I be?

As you know my room has been painted! It's definitely a transition but i now have an amazing new addition to my house, my roommate, katy. She even brought guitar hero world tour, so i have had fun trying to learn to play the drums and act like i have a beat haha.
I began trying to run again and that has been interesting, there was a good amount of pain the first day, but today there wasn't much pain. Now i'm back to working up the endurance i lost, we'll see how that goes. T- 4 months until the half marathon, plenty of time for training.
The Lord really did work on my heart this weekend. I felt freedom and release, peace and devotion, love. I also began to get a vision for where my passions lie for the long term. Women's ministry.
I've always been confused as to what direction the Lord is leading me. The mentors i have that pour into my life have encouraged my gifts of teaching and working with youth. Two things I obviously love. I found in Rwanda even deeper how much I loved these two things, but it's never where I've felt led to be 10 years from now. Today I pondered where do i see myself in the years to come.
Obviously for the next 4 months I see myself here in lubbock texas. Working to complete my degree in human development and family studies. Working as the Youth Director for encounter God ministries. Building the youth program for the Encounter God Church plant and looking to find a permanent youth minister for those youth that I have grown so fond of. I'll make the most of my time left here in Lubbock. The place that I have found friends for a life time. The place I've grown up and been faced with real world challenges. Learned to grow with God hours away from the people who had been my rock. 9 hours away from my family I learned how much I love and appreciated them. Then in December I'll graduate.
I'll move to Euless, Tx to live with my grandmother for one semester as I start my masters degree in counseling psychology and study to become a licensed professional counselor. I'll be attending Southwestern Assembly of God University. After one semester i'll move to waxahachie and who knows how long i'll be there.
I hope somewhere in the next five years I'll meet a husband who will be equally passionate about ministry and desire to be in full time ministry together. No matter what he chooses to do i hope i'll be able to support him, encourage him. respect him, and love him. I hope that together we will glorify God in all that we do. Of course i'd love for him to be traveling evangelist or a pastor so that i could be that pastor's wife and do women's ministry in his church or ministry, but that is a desire of my heart that is up to the Lord :)
The years after graduating SAGU will hopefully be spent with a husband, kids, ministry, laughter and love but as James so eloquently put it in james 4... all of this I will do if the Lord wills.
I'm excited for the next week, month, year, and years of my life. I know that God has a plan and I know He's making me passionate about specific things!

This week i'm finishing up preparation for the FIRST CHURCH SERVICE FOR ENCOUNTER GOD CHURCH! August 9th here we go. The vision of this church is to reach out to a poverty stricken and rejected area in West Lubbock. It is focused on modeling the very first church in Acts. I'm so excited, God is already moving big!

Next week I get to go home for a few days. I'm flying home on Tuesday the 11th staying until Saturday and riding back to Lubbock with Ben! It's going to be a blast.
Good things. I'm so blessed.
J. Tate