I remember exactly the moment I found out about the World Trade Center terrorist attacks. I remember the patriotism that swept our nation after that day. I remember crying and still crying every time I hear "Proud to be an American" by Lee Greenwood. I have always been very patriotic. My family is definitely avidly in political things. Especially my grandmother who is more than involved in the Dallas political arena, my admiration for my grandmother since I was young caused me to grow up wanting to be like her and therefore birthed my passion for this nation and it's causes.
After 9-11 happened I would often find myself considering what it would be like to be one of the people during the attacks, a family member, a bystander, a fireman, etc. (I guess this just comes from part of my empathetic personality, i'm often "putting myself in someone else's shoes") We had an assignment from our Social Studies teacher after 9-11 to write some form of paper on the attacks. It could either be historical with actual facts and statistics or it could be historical fiction. I chose the fiction and wrote a paper as if my brother had died in the attacks. I remember writing it and crying as I thought about the families involved. I was asked to read the paper in front of the entire school and excitedly did so.
You drove down the road full of American flags and patriotic signs. There was a unified spirit that was present in the midst. America hurt for it's people. It's like for a short period of time, we stopped thinking all about ourselves and our gain and we cared for our wounded. We beamed with pride for our nation. We joined together and prayed realizing once again that this nation needs God.
So where are we now? It has been 8 years. I'm still bursting with pride for my nation. As there are two banners that I will always pledge loyalty too. The first being the cross of Jesus Christ far above anything else in my life and the second being the American flag. But, I turn on Fox news, CNN, CBS, any news station regardless of political affiliation and I see debate and disagreement more than unity. Bashing more than understanding. Honestly I see a lack of true patriotism.
I don't care what you're political beliefs are, but maybe it's time to reflect. Remember how you felt when 9-11 happened. Remember what mattered most then. Be thankful for the men and women that went to war on your behalf after our country was attacked, whether you agree with it or not.
On a day like this.... I'm reflective. I'm thankful. I'm patriotic. I'm mourning. I'm rejoicing. But mostly I'm praying.
What do you think about on this day? What do you feel?
Blessings as always,
J. Tate