The Response

There have been so many things as I have come to Tech that I began to have a heart for. There are few things that over the years I have become extremely passionate about.
As my time draws to a near in Lubbock and on the beautiful Texas Tech campus, it's hard not to reflect and examine the past 3 1/2 years. I look at things I wish i could have done, things I wish i would have done, things I should have done differently, things I'm glad I did. Over the past month I've been doing some self examination of myself. Making note of qualities in myself that I like, qualities that I want to change, and qualities that need to change. Asking myself the question am I who I want to be? Am I the friend I want to be? Am I the woman of God I want to be? Am I the daughter and sister I want to be? Am I the woman I want to be when I meet my husband? Is this where I want to be right now?
Upon reflection I found many things that I really wanted to see come unto completion before I left. Since then I've seen 2 or three of those take great leaps and bounds Among those things was 24/7 prayer on the campus of tech. 2 years ago I went to the kc house of prayer and was captivated. During a session on college campus prayer led by Lou Engle I had a burning in my spirit to see this at Texas tech. I ended up interning and jointing staff at the lubbock international house of prayer. Thanks to many other people Foundation had a Campus House of Prayer and following the Wesley Foundation did as well. We began to see little pieces of our vision. Along with many others I/we have been praying for 2 years to see this come to pass. There have been many times that there has been a great movement of prayer that then begins to fizzle out or a great move to get this done and then something falls through. And here we are and right before I leave as i've been reflecting on the things I'd like to see done before i leave and God answers the cry of my heart. 24 hours 7 days a week prayer on the campus of Texas Tech. The tears flow just thinking about it. How God places a passion in our heart and then is faithful to work it through to completion and I am just blessed to have the opportunity to see it, when many times we dont get to see the fruits of our labor. So to all of you (there are many) that have been praying, fasting, seeking, with me for the past few years for this cause. Rejoice. Praise. It's here.
Blessings as always,
J. Tate