It clicked and my eyes are open

I was at Eg church this morning as I am every sunday morning. Every week I look greatly forward to this meeting at 11 a.m. Today was the starting of the second month of Encounter God church. We grow each week with now numbers nearing 100, but more than numbers we grow more real with each other each week. See this isn't your typical church you don't come in dressed nice, sing some songs, listen to a message, and leave. No no, that would not suffice for us. We come in casual, me often in jeans and a tee, open, vulnerable, and ready to let God impact us. We spend time fellow shipping and then sing a song or two. In the middle we open for prayer requests, not on a card turned in to be prayed about later, you stand up and you state your needs right there in front of the entire body. Then immediately you're prayed for. Also, during this time we give praises we stand up and you should unto God for the answered prayers. Today we spend around 30 minutes simply praising God and requesting of God on behalf of our fellow family members the praises and the needs of our body. During this time every week is when often i am brought to tears by the presence of God and the realness of His people. There is no room for a mask, or fake joy and happiness in this church. As we heard testimony of thing after thing God has done and prayer requests He's answered I was in awe. Then it took a little bit of a different turn. People began to stand up and tell of the attacks they've been having. One after one were attack after attack. And several said it started not long after coming to this church. Including a few of our staff. Then a man stood up who is and adult leader in our youth group. He told how it clicked to him and his wife the other day of the great things God is doing in and through our church and how their attacks began as they started being involved with our church. Might I add they are both amazing working with our youth. He said that they know who has one the battle and so they are just asking now for the Lord to reveal to them the plans of the enemy as they continue to battle and walk strongly for the Lord.
At that moment something clicked in me. I sat down and reviewed a second. I have been battling things i dont normally battle lately, i've dealt with some things that have been pretty tough, i've had a hard time finding that normal day to day joy also, i began to think on these things and pray. I realized I'd been in that battle too, i just haven't been fighting in it. Instead i've been sitting on the sidelines acting like it wasn't even happening. What a dreadfully ridiculous place to be!!
I got some confirmation from the Lord about several areas I have been attacked in and instead of getting up interceding, fighting, claiming, rebuking, and being the fighter, follower of Christ, woman of God I know to be, i have sat back and written things off as just life. I think their are many things that the enemy stills from us that we don't even acknowledge as an attack, we don't acknowledge the fact that their is an enemy that is out to steal, kill, and destroy... and yet his fate is determined, he loses. Christ wins, therefore we win. Anyone would fight in a battle they know they'd win. So time for me to gear up again with Ephesians 6 and step back into the battle.
I often get so caught up and living. Doing the day to day, making my life routine (i really really like routines and schedules) I get so caught up in that. In knowing how to respond to this or to that and to living life the way I live it, that i forget so much. I forget that I need to not be consumed with the enemy but at least be aware of him. Open my eyes and see with spiritual eyes the things that are going on around me and do battle where battle needs to be done, rebuke what needs to be rebuked.
God is doing something with Encounter God church. I feel the spirit there every sunday in ways i've never felt him before. There is a realness that i realize was missing in my life. There is change happening in the people. God is captivating hearts and changing lives. It's real community. With the majority of our time at church spent praying... what did God say His house would be??? A house of prayer our pastor said it this morning... we'll never regret one service that he doesn't get the chance to give his message if it's because we're spending all our time praising God with praises and seeking Him in prayer.
I love this church and i'm so thankful for that body. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to work with these youth. To watch God move in their lives as He moves in mine. Grows them as He grows me. He's definitely stretching me, but I know He's preparing me for more ministry in the future.
J. Tate