Encouragement from Acts

Well, wasn't it just yesterday that i wrote a blog saying I was not going to be blind to the schemes of the enemy? Wasn't it yesterday morning and throughout the day that I prayed against the enemy and decided it was time to step up and be in the game. I believe my words were heard.
Today brought many new challenges, hard news, disappointment, and some struggle. Among one of the many trials was my adviser letting me know that there has been a mistake and i was told i could sign up for an online class that indeed, i cannot. This I am afraid is on the minuscule side of some of the other problems that are to be faced in my future.
Last night I spent some time on my couch reading Smith Wigglesworth. I recently picked up his book titled spirit filled living. As I was reading he was telling the story of Stephen. Stephen was chosen to serve tables, but ended up doing SO MUCH MORE. Stephen saw many people come to the Lord and saw great miracles performed through him. Even to his death Stephen remained faithful as he was being stoned and the bible says he cried out on behalf of his killers asking that God would forgive them. Sounds much like Jesus doesn't it? Then the bible says stephen fell asleep. Stephen chosen for such a menial task was full of the spirit and faithful and God used him to do things that noone would have imagined. Stephen's face shone like an angel at one point (acts 6:15), in acts 6:9 it says those listening weren't able to resist the wisdom and spirit by which he spoke, many times it says he was "full of the Holy Spirit". A message that he spoke says that it "cut to the heart" of the people a phrase which is only said twice in the bible, he was also the first martyr. All of these things from a man who was chosen to serve tables?
I draw encouragement from this. That this life is not about me choosing the things I want to do, it's simply being faithful in the things I'm called to do and allowing God to take it from there. I'll dream big, expect big, and think big... And just follow as the Lord leads whether it's as simple as going to the soup kitchen and serving the homeless once a week, giving an encouraging word, writing an encouraging note, or something bigger.
I am also reading/ rereading... battlefield of the mind by joyce meyer. i have been mulling over this book for several months now. I read a chapter this morning where she is discussing "wilderness mentalities" basically thought process that keep us wandering. She said many are called but few are chosen, many have a wishbone, but no backbone. Here we are, i'm leading this youth group and i have great vision, a great wishbone of the things i believe God wants to accomplish in these kids and through these kids. Having the backbone to go through with it is harder. Putting in the time for the late night calls, the house visits, the prayer, study, counseling... Any great breakthrough is followed with many people putting in the time and effort God has called them to put in. But we're lazy. We want to see God show up and show out with no effort out of us. We don't want to spend the time in prayer, we don't want to fast, we don't want to take time out of our day to do anything really. Our church and our youth ministry has began to see MAJOR breakthrough and it's because we have a pastor, a worship leader, a youth minister, youth leaders that put the effort next to the vision. Daily time praying for our ministry and the people involved, thoughts and scriptures geared toward it, planning, ideas for improvement, seeking God's face, fasting etc.... The Bible speaks against laziness and yet we still seem to want something for nothing. Such a horrible mentality. Let's get up. Put trust and faith in the God who has given you vision! Step out there. It may not be easy, but it'll be worth it.

I want breakthrough. I want growth. For me, for my family, for my youth group, for cornerstone youth, for the churches, for my friends, for texas tech and SAGU. I want to see new levels of intimacy with God, new levels of wisdom and knowledge, new levels of faith, more miracles, more of all that God says we'll see. I want His best, His plan, His vision. So let's step up and be who we were called to be and not hinder the work God WANTS to do in us and through us.
J. Tate