Praises and Prayer Requests from Encounter God.

Today we had our first Encounter God staff meeting since the first Sunday a month ago. I cannot even begin to express the thankfulness of our staff for the way God is moving in this church and the ministry.
To update those who have not heard. Encounter God Ministries is a ministry that was going on way before I came around and got involved, but where my story began is last year after an internship with Lubbock International House of Prayer I was able to take a track that led to working with families in a trailer park, I found this to be Encounter God Ministries! I soon grew very close to many of the young adolescents in this area of Lubbock. The Lord began leading me to fade myself out of several other organizations and devote my time to Encounter God Ministries. While I was in Rwanda I couldn't sleep one night as I felt a heaviness. I knew the answer the next day. I was going to be trying to get an internship at another ministry and the Lord wanted me to clear my schedule for this ministry. Much to my astonishment I found out through email that not only was God putting this on my heart, but on the other side of the world in Lubbock Texas God had given our leaders a building for this ministry and put vision in two men's hearts to expand this ministry to a church!!
Upon returning to Lubbock and meeting with them I was asked to take on the youth for this new church and combine our old ministry with this youth program.
We're a month in to Encounter God Church and I'll just be real honest, I've felt God's presence in those Sunday morning service so strong and in ways I never have in my ENTIRE LIFE.
These people come from rough backgrounds, hard lives, many of them are in tough spots, but when they come to church they are real, they find real community, with time for worship, prayer, confession, teaching. And God is there. I can't put into words to explain the presence that is there.
We've seen God not only move on Sunday mornings, but amongst our youth group. I have some great adult leaders helping out. God gave us vision and we're running with it. Right now we're going through some curriculum I felt the Lord put on my heart to write and we're doing small groups. We've seen great improvement and breakthrough.
I cannot in one blog count the amount of prayers that have been answered in our congregation, in our youth, and our staff. Thing after thing after thing. Right now we have someone considering donating a van something our ministry is in big time need of to be able to pick up kids and take kids home that don't have reliable transportation.
We've seen lives changed as people accept the Lord. As people begin to be open with their needs and struggles. We've got a building, with air conditioning, some games for our youth, and so much more.
Some current prayer needs:
Join us in praying that God give us favor with getting a van.
Pray that we'll be able to get a sound system. We had just gotten one and then it was stolen.
Pray for the hearts of our congreation, staff, youth, and all involved.
Our children's ministry is in need of more leaders!! Not necessarily a bad problem to have as they are continuing to grow through a program we do called kids cafe'. The kids come and eat a free meal. Then stick around after kids cafe is over for children's ministry night on tuesday and get some Word put in them!
Encounter God is non-profit that ministers to many lower income families and children. Therefore we're normally grabbing with one hand and giving with the other before the money, food, clothing, materials, every get sat down. So please ask that God would continue to pour out on our ministry as we strive to meet the needs of the local community.
We are in partnership with mission Lubbock that is open two days a week providing almost any need you can think of for the surrounding neighborhoods and trailer parks. They we're running low on food this week, we voiced the need, and God showed up nearly $2500 was donated to go towards buying more food for their food pantry. Keep mission lubbock in your prayers as they will meet the needs of nearly 20,000 people this year!!!
As many of you have already seen on my fbook page we're selling two designs of t-shirts for our ministry for $12. If you're interested in them shoot me an email!
Thanks so much for your love and support.
J. Tate