Oh so Blessed!

Lately I have been learning about gratefulness. So many people my age (I don't exclude myself) struggle with being appreciative. We have selfish attitudes that somehow convince us that we are owed what is given to us. This is a tactic from the enemy to rob God's children of many breakthroughs and blessings. There is so much power in praise, appreciation, and open gratitude towards God.

Over the past few weeks I've been in constant state of gratefulness as the Lord is teaching me more and more about appreciation. I'll be driving down the road and burst into tears as a realization of another area in which God has protected me, blessed me, saved me, changed me, freed me, etc. I'm not sure where along the road, but at some point we can become used to the Lord's blessings, favor, and grace and mercy He has shown, will show, and does show day to day.

Yesterday as most of you know was my birthday. Take this next paragraph, as I discuss what I think, however you would like, but I believe that God was giving me birthday presents over the last couple of days. First off, I don't think it's coincidence that 24/7 prayer began in October, my birthday month, and something that I have passionately prayed for and desired for this campus. Then on Wednesday night my youth discussed and asked questions for over 45 minutes about Jesus, salvation, the cross, etc. This was possibly the best birthday present ever that only God could give. When you put so much time and work and love into a group of kids that need to know the love of Jesus so desperately nothing compares to listening to them earnestly desire to know more about Him. Afterwards my friends threw me another surprise part, FOUR YEARS of college and FOUR SURPRISE PARTIES, i am so blessed with Godly friends who care for me and show me love on a daily basis!! I had gotten off all of my shifts at work except for my 6 a.m. shift on thursday. As I arrived at work promptly at 540 a.m. i was told that work double booked the shift and I COULD GO HOME!!! I woke up around 9a.m. with some doughnuts and a kolache awaiting me on the table beside me that my roommate had bought for me. Then on top of that my professor called a little later saying happy birthday have a good fall break, dont' come to class!!! I was able to schedule an earlier flight AT NO EXTRA CHARGE and arrived in houston last night, which means i get a full day w/ my mom today instead of half a day. These are just a few of the many ways I felt blessed over the last few days, but I saw God move on my behalf and make my birthday everything i could have wanted.

I'm home until tuesday and have a splendid weekend planned and I am so so so excited. I haven't been home in two months and it feels so great to drive down the road of little ole' liberty texas. I get to play in an exes game today, probably get a liberty sno-cone, my dad is taking off work and coming to see me, i'll get to spend time w/ my family and the rossow family, see my church family and friends. Such a great relaxing vacation for me.

Beyond just these topical daily things where I see the Lord just loving on me, there is so much around us to be grateful for EVERYDAY. Salvation, freedom, the cross, resurrection, prayer, intimacy with the Lord, protection, mercy, grace, life, breath, health, wealth, etc. the list could go on and on and on. Be thankful, never stop being vocally thankful.

Be blessed,
J. Tate