I've been in a reading mode lately. On top of my Bible reading I've read 1-2 books a week over the past couple of months. I've read many classics, some novels, and from authors of many different views of theology. I've read 2 Andrew Murray, 2 Smith Wigglesworth, Maria W. Etter, Charles Spurgeon, A.W. Tozer, Brother Lawerence, Joyce Meyer, and of course my novels. For each book I've read, i've learned more and more about who I am in Christ. Who God says I can be, and what I can do with Him.

I wrote my last blog titled "Are you possessing" about the Lord giving me some revelation on Christians going in and POSSESSING the land. Conquering! These last few months have been an interesting new territory for me with my walk with the Lord.
Today the Lord asked me to call someone and repent for a mistake i made four years ago!!! Talk about an humbling experience, but as I spent time in my prayer closet the Lord spoke to me something that I just HAVE TO SHARE! The Lord said You have to repent, because i'm trying to make you like my Son, I'm trying to teach you. I have spent these last few months teaching YOU how to have POWER on this earth.

I have no problem admitting that this is where a little pride came in. God are you kidding me? I know how to have POWER in the kingdom of God. Just in the last year I've seen people healed, saved, miracles happen, i've had them happen to me, You've used me to do them, I went to another country to share the gospel. I've seen prayers immediately answered and prayers answered in Your perfect timing. God, I have no doubt that I have power!!!

The Lord spoke in His gentle, firm, way, "You have only seen the tip of my power, a tip of the power that I am willing to use through YOU!". The reason I'm writing this blog is because i'm a firm believer in, if He'll do it in me, He'll do it in you, If He'll do it through me, He'll do it THROUGH YOU!

Smith Wigglesworth said in one of his books (my paraphrase) "I believe we'll all be surprised one day when we get to heaven and realize that the Paul, Peter, David, they were all just people, like you and me". I was greatly encouraged and inspired when i read this. I was humbled. You mean the same Peter that people tried to get his shadow to touch them so they could be healed? The same Paul that it says in Acts 19 that when his handkerchiefs and apron touched the sick they were healed? The same David that cried out in psalms 27:4 One thing I desire to dwell in the courts of the Lord and behold His beauty ever more. The same David that Acts says is a man after God's own heart. You're saying they were just people!!?! Well, they were.

Today at work a man came up to me to ask a question, around his neck he wore a crucifix and I felt the spirit speak to me, do you know how much power you have because Jesus isn't on that cross anymore? wheww.. i wanted to leave work and go get on my knees!!

I've looked back over these past 4 years of college and I think I along with my friends in Lubbock, friends in Liberty, Youth at cstone, EG church, would say we have seen God's power. Salvations, healings, repentance, confession,demons casted out, realness. As I'm sure anyone reading this could say. They have seen God's power. And I thought to what the Lord said to me. I over these last few months have been teaching YOU how to have power. So what are a couple of the things I have learned. There is no way I could go through all the lessons i've been taught, miracles I've seen, or revelations I've been given this semester, so i'm going to sum it up.

First I've learned: It's not about me. It's all about Him. He chooses ME! He chooses to use me, to display His power in me, for HIS GLORY!

Next: If I see that it's not about me, I've seen God use me, then I have to know that God can and wants to give ME, POWER, for His glory and His use.

Then: I need to be real. If i mess up, fess up to God and to others. Pray and be honest with God. Ask for things you need, ask to be used. Don't hesitate to be real, vulnerable, humble, REAL.
I need to be available. Listen to the Spirit. He's speaking. He wants to use you, are you listening? Don't think of God's work as an inconvenience, no matter how small.
I need to do battle. The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He wants to destroy what God is doing in you, what God wants to do through you, and YOU in general. Pray, rebuke, intercede, read your word, IT'S YOUR SWORD!! For every great breakthrough and seed from the Lord, comes a desperate attempt of the enemy to steal it (yes yes i know i say this all the time, it's not a new one)!
I need to not believe the lies. This is part of doing battle. Guard your mind (Romans 12:2) The enemy will try to feed you lies, but God speaks truth. He says who you are in Him, what you can do with Him, He's not condemning. God will discipline His children, not condemn them.

There are many more obviously, but the greatest is that. I can be who God says I can be, I can do what He says I can do. If He says I'm a conqueror, I believe Him. If He says I can do all things through Christ, I believe Him. I see all through the Bible God using ordinary people like you and me to advance His kingdom.

It's time for us to step up and realize that God's power is in us, to advance His Kingdom. He wants to use us!! All it takes is loving God and loving others. Recognizing who you are in Christ! I have so much more I wanted to write, but sadly no more time to write it!!!

Be Blessed,
J. Tate

We need to realize that the promises that overflow our Bibles will overflow into our own lives only as we appropriate them through prayer. ~Jim Cymbala