The Knowledge

I once had someone close to me say something to the effect of "You've just become obsessed with this God stuff". Taking them somewhat off guard I just replied "Thank You".

I think those of you that actually take the time to read my ramblings probably agree with me that being obsessed with God is a goal, it's a desire of my heart, to a Christian it's in no way a cut down or offense. I want to be so consumed with Him that He's what I think of when I first wake up and when I lay down to sleep and thousands of times throughout the day. I want Him to be who I live for.

The Bible says to love God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind. In other words love God with every portion of yourself, natural, physical, spiritual, be completely consumed with Him.

Most of you probably already know my testimony. I was selfish, I lived my life for me, and one night laying in my bed drunk the Lord spoke to me. When God speaks in the way He spoke to me that night there is no doubt who is speaking to you. He spoke with such authority, power, understanding, and truth that nothing of this earth could have forged that voice, that moment. It was God. He spoke directly to me and He spoke scripture, He recited Deut. 30:19 where He urges His people to choose life. He says "I lay before you life and death".

That night I had an encounter with the living God and after that encounter I had a better understanding of who God was. Everyday that I spend time with the Lord I learn more about who He is. Every time He speaks to me I get to know Him better. Whenever I open up the word and I read Truth, I learn more about who He is. When you spend time with God you gain knowledge of who God is.

Previous to the night that God supernaturally intervened in my life I thought I knew who God was. I had met with Him before. I had prayed, I had read the Word, I had worshiped, but I allowed the world to snatch the truth from me, just like in the parable of the sower (Matthew 13:18-23). I once had been zealous for God, but it faded. Check this scripture out:

Romans 10:2,3
For I bear them witness they have a zeal for God, but not in accordance with knowledge. v3 For not knowing about God's righteousness, and seeking to establish their own, they did not subject themselves to righteousness of God.

It's possible to have a zeal for God without a knowledge of God. This type of zeal will eventually fade.

We need to be consistently and constantly filled and growing in knowledge of who God is. Daily time spent with Him is vital and imperative to the growth of a Christian.
There is always more to learn about who God is, He is so infinitely vast that everyday for the rest of eternity we can continue to grow in knowledge of Him and His character.

I am broken for those who are zealous, but lack in knowledge of God. Jesus said many will come to me and say Lord Lord, and I will say depart from me I never knew you (Matthew 7:23)

These people thought they had a relationship with God, they thought they had made it, but in reality they were far from the heart of our Lord. They hadn't really grown in knowledge of who He is, they didn't really have a relationship with Him, and He obviously had no relationship with them.

I can say that I know who (picking a random celebrity here) Tyler Perry is (I love his movies!). I can read a bio on him, do some research, maybe even write him a letter, but do I really know him? and more importantly does he know me?

In order to really know someone, you must be in relationship with them. You must spend time with them. Knowing God is important. Searching Him, speaking to Him, asking Him questions, being in a relationship with Him. Search out His heart, find out who He is, and let Him inside of you too. Pour out your heart, speak to Him, your hurts, desires, joys, cares, concerns. Be in relationship with Him.

I daily grow in love for God. The more I learn of Him, the more I love Him. I have yet to find a characteristic of God that doesn't just capture my heart more. I've yet to find something that will cause me to complain about God. He is true, real, just, loving, merciful, forgiving, understanding, a disciplinarian, a God who cares for His children. He is the one true God.

My prayer is that the body of Christ will become zealous to know God.

In Psalms 27:4 David cries out "One thing that I desire to dwell in the courts of the Lord forever more". David was in relationship with God and He never wanted to leave His presence. Our God is an appealing God, He is desirable.

I pray that you will love God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind. I pray that you would be obsessed with Him and that He would reveal more of Himself to you. Be determined to know your Father. Search for Him, seek Him out, ASK HIM QUESTIONS ABOUT WHO HE IS (He answers).

Don't come to the end of your life to realize I had a zeal for a God I never knew. Don't be one of those that Jesus looks at and says "I never knew you". Don't be a lukewarm Christian that once had an experience with the living God, but then settled into the comfortable without ever giving Him everything you have.

I pray my life will be spent searching out who He is. I want to know Him intimately and deeply.

Be Blessed my friends,
J. Tate

*One question for those who wonder like me! Check out Mark 14:51-52! Who do you think this guy is?