You're beautiful DAY 1 of 40

Humans are set up in a way where we desire affirmation and acceptance.

Boy, girl, man, woman... we desire to hear how we are wanted, needed, beautiful, handsome, loved.

Women seem to try to find ways to fish for compliments, men (while usually denying the fact they need them) will try to find ways to earn them.

Everyone is looking for those words... i like you, i love you, i want you...

I've been told these things a few times as most of us ladies have. Baby I love you, you're beautiful, etc. and of course these are the words that cause our heart to flutter, those butterflies we get in our stomach, and those emotions we desire so much.

I know at this point you probably think this whole blog is me writing about relationships, but it's not.
I was in the shower tonight praying (as I usually do in the shower) and I heard these words...

"You're beautiful"

To be honest I first thought they were verbal... I thought perhaps my brother's girlfriend was over or Paul was talking loudly to his wife next door!!! lol... or perhaps i'd lost my mind.

I stopped praying, I got quiet, and I sat down on the seat in my shower (I love that i have a seat in my shower!) and I listened again to see what it was. Then I felt that familiar tug in my Spirit and I knew that the Lord was speaking to me and He spoke again.

"Daughter you're beautiful. I love you. I enjoy you. I want all of you."

I began to cry. This moment reminded me of something that we all need to remember. If at any point in life you're craving affirmation or acceptance there is always one sure place you can go; directly to the Father. He is ready and waiting to tell you how much you're loved, how you were bought with the precious blood of Jesus, how you are wanted.

Like most women I look forward to the day of being married and having one man that I want to spend the rest of my life, one man that I desire love and acceptance from, but I hope I never forget who is always waiting for me to listen just so He can tell me He loves me. The God who formed me, bought me, loved me before the foundation of the earth. The God that no matter how many times He tells me He loves me it always brings me to tears.

All I need is you Lord. I love you too.

Be Blessed,
J. Tate