A simple reminder DAY 2 of 40

I was given a simple reminder today and I just want to share it with you.

I am a school teacher now and I found out the first week of school that there can be just 1 or 2 students that are able to literally ruin your whole attitude about a particular class or even the whole day.

Last week I battled this problem. I decided I wasn't going to let this week be the same way.

My mentor and old hs coach told me last week the best way to help my students is to pray for them by name. I shared the name of one particular student with a few of my prayer partners and asked them to join me in praying for her specifically.

My mentor and pastor's wife had given me the piece of advice to ask the Lord and find a scripture in the Word that is a verse that can be a rock for me. A solid ground to stand on that I can quote and refer back to. So as soon as I got to the school this morning I asked the Holy Spirit to give me a few verses that I needed to stand on to help me while at school.

I typed up 8 verses and posted them on my wall right next to my desk. I prayed for that student at the beginning of the day and before her class.

Today was the best day i've had as a teacher/coach. Throughout the day I was reminded that this is my mission field and I prayed for students, I quoted bible verses to myself, and I was able to stand in joy all day. The particular student that has given me problems was great today and caused me no problems.

The simple reminder is this... Never underestimate the power of prayer and of the Word of God. Surround yourself with the Word, quote the Word, speak the Word, think the Word, become so familiar with the Word that you are constantly being reminded of the Word. Finally prayer is powerful. Be in prayer continually, in fact pray the Word, nothing is off limits, ask for what you have need of. God hears.

Be Blessed,
J. Tate