Choose Joy DAY 3

"Choose Joy" is a slogan my church has had for years. I can honestly say that my pastors "choose joy".

I thought that I chose joy everyday until I was faced with real challenge! For some reason Rwanda, Botswana, missions, being a youth minister, college, outreaches, etc. choosing joy in these settings was never difficult for me. I am a relatively laid back happy person, most things roll off my shoulders and I stay fairly calm; so i thought.

As I've become a teacher and coach everyday there is something that has caused me to be frustrated or irritated.

Today I sent my first student to the office and while she was doing what it took for me to send her to the office I heard the Holy Spirit whisper "choose joy".

I'm glad I took the Holy Spirit's advice, because one thing after another the enemy attacked to try and get me upset, frustrated, or discouraged and I kept saying to myself "im choosing joy, I'm choosing joy".

8th grade volleyball practice rolled around I was just being my normal self and an athlete said "Coach Tate are you going to be this happy all year long?" I replied, "well yes of course I am, I'm just a joyful person"... The athlete replied good, because you always make my day better!

The Holy Spirit knows what each person needs... not only do I need joy, but there are tons of children who need to see the joy that I have.

Choose Joy and be blessed,
J. Tate