We have been set free! DAY 6 OF 40

We have been set free
We are no longer Your enemies
saved by your wrath by the death of your Son
Sin's power has been broken

In Psalms 51 David cries out for God to restore him to the joy of salvation.

Are we thankful for the power of the blood? Do we consistently remember the cross?

The most powerful place we can go as a Christian is to go to the joy of our salvation. A place of complete thankfulness for God sending Jesus Christ, who endured unspeakable pain, so that we may live and not just live as in not die, but live without guilt, shame or bondage, live on this earth in communion with our Father. That's true freedom. And then even more once this life is over we flow right into eternal bliss.

There is a reason we're instructed not to fret or not to worry. Jesus dealt with everything we could possibly worry about on the cross. He conquered it, He beat it, so even if we fail or should I say when we fail, I can still laugh, I can still point to the cross and say "Devil you still don't win" my life isn't dependent on me, it was already paid for!

I don't make light of sin or our failures, because I firmly believe in sanctification, Holiness, obedience, but instead I boast so greatly in the power of the cross of Jesus Christ. I boast in the victory of my Savior which means victory for me!

No matter the trials, tribulation, failure, successes, blessings of this life, I boast that I have a mediator named Jesus who paid my debt. No worry can I possibly have when I know the outcome. The outcome of Jesus and I forever together.

Be blessed,
J. Tate