Meeting Jesus Christ and acknowledging Him as Savior, making Him Lord, doesn't just mean you're "saved" from hell, it means your life just got flipped upside down.

I hate to think that we've allowed people to believe you can be a Christian without knowing Christ.
I hate to think we've allowed them to believe they are "saved" without any change.
I hate to think that we have a whole group of people that believe Jesus is okay with sin in our lives.
I regret to inform you that many people believe God's grace will just cover up habitual sinning.

There is a reason that the Bible says that the road and gate to life are narrow. There is lack of truth, hypocrisy, anti-christs, an enemy, sin, and many more factors that have people deceived.

The bible says that no one will get to the Father except through Jesus Christ and no one has given the reigns to their life over to Jesus without a change in actions, thoughts, decisions, etc. When Jesus enters into your life and you receive the Holy Spirit you will begin the process of sanctification that will cause you to become more like Jesus. Without this, you're not a Christian.

We have to stand firm on the truth of the Word of God and stop watering down the gospel. People need the real truth, not the half truth that will get them to church, but never to heaven.

Be blessed,
J. Tate