Bye Bye Facebook DAY 11 of 40

Yes I finally took the plunge to release myself from the world of the social networking wonder, facebook.

It was indeed a hard decision, but a needed one. Well, for those of you who are my friends on facebook you know that I do indeed love posting my status updates, new links I find, inspiring quotes, and all the mobile uploads that I can manage.

The issue at hand is not one at the fault of facebook and honestly not at the fault of myself. It was simply a decision.

I'm in a new era an my life (duh I write about it all the time) and therefore have to make more of an effort to pursue my walk with Christ. I had to question myself last night by asking "Am I diligently seeking after God?" The Bible says that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, so what the heck does that mean?

Do I diligently seek Him because when i wake up I read my bible and spend time in prayer, is it diligently seeking simply because I go to church 3x a week, how about speaking in my youth group, doing missions in africa? Which of these qualify for me to be able to say I am diligently seeking you Lord.

When I asked myself the question I already knew the answer, God I'm not diligently seeking, and therefore need to make changes to my lifestyle.

Diligently seeking doesn't have tasks list, you can't check off your works, go to enough church services, etc. to qualify, diligently seeking is a question of the heart. Do you want God? Do you crave Him? Do you desire Him? Does your lifestyle show a consistent pattern of seeking after Him?

Perhaps you could look at my life and have thought that I diligently sought after God and yes of course I have before, I go through times when I do, but I can honestly say that for the past month I have not diligently sought Him. I've done research for messages I was going to preach, I've read my Bible consistenly, I've prayed everyday, but I haven't hungered and diligetnly sought the heart of God.

Yet, I've still wanted His blessing, His protection, His intimacy, His rewards, His promises, without having to put effort or make sacrifice to see Him, the exceedingly great reward in the first place!!

Whew the lazy, sinful, unfaithful, person that I am, but thank God from whom there is great forgiveness, mercy, justice, love, and my sins are cast as far as the East is to the West and when we realize our sin we must do a 180 degree turn and flee from it.

That is the decision that I made. That it was time to diligently seek my creator, therefore I did delete my facebook and make several other needed changes in my life so that I may give space, room, and time to diligently seek my Creator. To be with Him, to prize Him, to make Him my main priority, not just "being a Christian" not just going to church, not just mission work, not just doing Godly things, but legitimate time spent in being still and knowing He is God, legitimate time spent in diving into His word and seeking His will, dwelling in His presence and receiving peace, love, grace, direction, correction, etc. and time just to enjoy my Daddy God.

Be Blessed,
J. Tate