True Love DAY 13 OF 40

I think it's a well known fact that kids can be well, let's say less than perfect sometimes.

I had my fair share of dealings with kids who were less than perfect this week and one certain child in particular.

As I was having a rather irritating conference with this child I just got so frustrated and bothered. As I walked out of my office when it was over I was mad and just would have loved to never see the child again, and that of course is when the Holy Spirit spoke.

"I love her"

Three simple words and tears filled my eyes. I'd love to give you the glorious Jessika story where I immediately changed my negative emotions, but that's not what happened.

Instead I asked "God I don't understand how you can love her, I don't get it, why, how, how do you love her!"

Once again the reply of the Holy Spirit

"I love her the same way I loved you as I sent my Son to do die while you were yet a sinner"

Romans 5:8 how could I be so ignorant, faithless, un compassionate, heartless? Jesus Christ died for me, for who I am, not just the me inside the church, but the dirty me in the midst of my sin and ugliness. He died for me. That is God's love.

He loves those young ladies I work with everyday, He loves them unconditionally no matter their sin, He loves.

If I am to imitate Christ, I must learn to love as He loves. If I want to be true to the two greatest commandments according to Jesus I must love God, but also love my neighbor as myself.

How much do I truly love myself? Do I really love all those around me as I love myself. To I care for them, show them mercy and grace, as I show those things or want those things for myself?

Oh God forgive me, and open my eyes.

Be Blessed,
J. Tate