It is that time of year that always causes me to reflect on life, friends, family, etc.
Perhaps thanks to a few key friends in my life a lot of things cause me to reflect these days! lol.

This week has not been bad, but it has been rough between sending students to the office, waking up with crazy weird eye infection, etc. I'll be honest I'm more than ready to invite the weekend in.

23 years old is the first birthday that has felt... almost.... old. Yes yes i know that 23 is by no means old when I fully expect to live at least another 80 years, but it feels different.

I'm not a student for the first time in my life instead I'm the teacher. I'm learning new roles, rules, and responsibilities as a 23 year old. I'm learning God's desires and plans for me were different than mine and more than that He is determined that I follow them! who woulda known?

Perhaps I'm not where I thought I'd be, but I'm definitely where I should be. I've learned things in these past 2 months that shook and rocked my foundations of who I am, things about God, but more so things about me, things I didn't know were inside. Yes that's right some flesh, some sin, some wrong motives, thoughts, some misconceptions aobut who I really am, but I've also found some good, some positives, some things to lean on.

I look forward to my future at the ripe age of 23 I am more than thankful, grateful, and pleased with the places God has taken me. The things He's allowed me to do. At 16 years old I wrote down a list of things I thought God was laying on my heart to do (what I thought was in my life time) and all of those things, but one I've already done or seen God do through me.

We serve a faithful God with plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans with a hope and future, and each year as I grow older as I see more of who God is, as more of His will is accomplished in me, as I grow, as I stumble, as He lifts me up, as He pulls me through fire, I know more and more that my God is faithful, loving, and just. There's no reason not to be excited about my future as long as He is there.

To another year of faithfulness, blessing, prayers answered beyond my wildest imagination, more ministry, more souls won for Christ, more missions overseas taking the gospel to the lost, more loving on children and adults alike, to being apart of this awesome Kingdom of believers, it's all worth it.

Be Blessed,
J. Tate