Thankful DAY 15 of 40

OCTOBER 8TH, 1987 I was born, this day 23 years ago.

From the very beginning the enemy tried to steal and kill as he battled to take my life with sudden infant death syndrome. During that time 80% of infant deaths were caused by SIDS, 75% of infants that had SIDS were MALE, and over 95% of babies that were diagnosed with SIDS died. Most often it was found out they had SIDS after death.

This has been a shocking statistic from me since the time my mom began to tell me about my survival when I was in the 7th grade. As my relationship with the Lord has grown all this has done was cause my faith to rise, my boldness to increase, my determination to soar, as I realize that the Word of God is true, the devil is out to steal, kill, and destroy, but my God is greater and He has plans and purposes for my life.

All this to be said on my birthday there is only one earnest and honest reaction I can have, thankfulness and gratefulness.

I'm thankful because I have life, at 23 years old I breathe on my own, I have 2 legs, 2 arms, and I'm healthy. I have both parents, loving family, friends, mentors. I'm not in lack, I have a job, a car, bills that I can pay, you could even say I have some excess, with a tv, leather furniture, a bed, air conditoning, running water, food in my refrigerator, and homes to go to if I ever have need of any of these essentials.

The truth is if the enemy had it his way, I'd be dead, as the first attempt on my life wasn't the last and many other attempts to steal, destroy, take faith, take love, take what God has for us but I do have THE God. THE God who came to earth, stood under temptation, trial, and testing, he gave His life away (it wasn't taken), and He rose. Oh He rose, and He lives, He makes intercession for me before the Father (Hebrews 7), He's Savior, Best Friend, Redeemer, Caretaker, Lover, my example, grace, love, mercy, forgiveness, and the words could go on forever, and though I've known it for years, I'm still grateful. The story of the cross and its powerful resurrection never stops being awe stirring, it never stops being the very thing I need everyday, it never stops being what saved me and continues to save me and sanctify me, and I can't stop being thankful.

Through many ministries, travels, missions, discovery channel, etc. I've seen enough to know that I'm beyond blessed, if God never gave me another thing, He's given more than I deserved, more than enough, more than I could ever repay. In 23 years I can stand with the Psalmist and say "I was young and I'm still young (he says old), but I've never seen the righteous forsaken".

I celebrate today not necessarily my life, but the giver of life. I didn't earn this, I did nothing to give myself breath today, to cause myself to walk, to talk, to type, I was given this freely, how could I go this whole day boasting in the day of my birth when I know very well who paid for it, and who gave it to me. Through the ups and downs, the hard the easy, the miraculous and the natural, I know who I serve and I know He is a good God who loves me. I pray for more years of living life to the full, to the max, impacting others, and never forgetting why I'm here and who I serve. It's not about me, It's all about Him.

Be Blessed,
J. Tate