A God who wants me

Wow it's almost been a whole month since I've written, perhaps you can tell when I'm truly busy when I don't even have time to write.
This past month has been one that has stretched me in so many ways, it's been a walk through fire, fire that has refined my faith.

In the past month I've experienced being personally attacked, failing miserably a few times at standing in faith, heartache from losing something dear to me, awesome encouragment, success, confusion, blind obedience, etc. I lived life this past month. Who of you reading hasn't had these same feelings and experiences in life.

I love that through highs lows, trials, tests, successes, failures, the Word is always true. Jesus said in John 16:33 that in this world we'll have trials and tribulations, but take heart He has overcome the world. My faith increased this past month as life unfolded and through it all He saw me through, He forgave me, He was there for me, He loved me, He still did work through me and in me. He is faithful to His word.

I can't help but remember that Christ is simple. He came, He died, He resurrected, He's coming again. He loves me. Real love, unconditional, never ending, faithful. He just wants me. He wants all of me no matter what comes in life.

He says
Love me, love me with your whole heart
serve me, serve me with your life now
bow down, let go of your idols
He wants it all today.

These are lyrics from a song that one of my friend's and his beautiful fiance' sang at our church last night. As they sang, tears welled up in my eyes, as I remember, Jesus is simple. There are complex deep things in the Word, deep theological truths, wisdom beyond my understanding, a God who is deep and years and years of fellowship and study and I will still not completely know Him, but the truth of Jesus, it really is simple. What He wants from us, it is simple. He just wants us.

I serve a God that wants me. I've failed, miserably failed, I've succeeded, greatly succeeded, I've been cold, I've been hot, I've been luke warm, I've doubted, I've believed, I've loved, I've lost, I've found, I've wandered, I've had peace, confusion, joy, sadness, mourning, i've danced, I've bowed down, I've slipped, I've ran away and I've run to. I think of the Psalmist "I was young and now I am old, but I've never seen the righteous forsaken".

The truth is He wants us. He walks through life with us the highs and the lows never leaving or forsaking because He wants us. The song goes on to say

There is a voice that cries out in the silence
searching for a heart that will love Him
longing for a child that will give Him their all
There is a God who walks over the earth
seraching for a heart that is desperate
longing for a child that will give Him their all
Give Him their all, He wants it all

Our whole lives we search for someone who accepts us, wants us.
Women and men searching for that unconditional love. Someone who loves them in spite of who they really are. Someone who will love us even when we mess up, someone who WANTS to spend the rest of their life with us.

I'm a 23 year old young woman who just like any other single woman my age often wonders when will I find the man who will love me, want me, forever? Then I hear this song and I remember, I was made for a God who loves me, who wants me, and He wants it all. He wants a heart that is desperate for Him.

The comfort of those around me who love me, their touch, their encouragement, their concern, their simple love, it means the world to me, but when I think about HIS love. His love that knows me, better than anyone, His love never wavering and He still wants me. That is what melts my heart. That is what makes me desperate for Him, the peace that flows from His touch, His love. One day there will be the love of a man who loves me the way Christ loves His bride, and I'll know that love, because I'm already loved in that way. I'm already cared for beyond my greatest imagination, I've already loved unconditionally, I already know real love.

There's a God who wants me, He loves me, and He wants all of me.

Be Blessed,
J. Tate

Song Link:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47elk3n3_3s&fs=1&hl=en_US]