Do we listen?- A short story

I have a short story from yesterday that still has me thinking this morning.
I was taking my shower last night and just praying. Not some great spiritual praying, but rather the just talking to my friend praying.

As I prayed I was getting more and more irritated as it was one of those times that I felt like the shower head was responding more than God was, so I just asked "God, are you even listening? Do you even hear me when I just want to talk about things that don't really matter?"

I have to stop here and point out the fact that I knew the answer to the question, I know that He listens to me, but just as we do in relationships with our peers, I said something RIDICULOUS simply because I didn't "feel" like my needs in that moment were being met. Perhaps in this whole paragraph you can sense the selfishness, pride, and bad attitude that came in that moment. Praise God, He is merciful and though sometimes I'm a BRAT of a daughter, He still chooses to abound in grace.

A few minutes went by and I just chose to finish up my shower and get ready for bed. As I was stepping out of the shower I felt that Holy Spirit nudging and His voice. (Every Christian KNOWS the voice of God, Jesus promises us this in John 10:27) He asked a question.

Do you listen when I want to talk to you and you are busy? Do you hear my voice throughout the day when I simply want to tell you, I love you?

I could use my words to try and go into how we should listen, how this impacted me, convicted me, moved me, but I feel His words are strong enough without me trying to interpret.

Be Blessed,
J. Tate