A great lesson

At Cornerstone we just had our Chosen Generation conference. It's a conference for young adults that are passionate and on fire for God, most desiring to be in some sort of ministry. Three amazing spiritual leaders shared while we fast, seeking to meet with the Lord and hear from His Word.

Pastor Mike (my pastor) spoke on Friday night, Josh Siratt (worship leader) spoke Saturday morning, and Tracy Harris (a pastor in Texarkana) spoke yesterday afternoon. Each of these speakers are so very different in style as Pastor Mike tries to get you, let's say "involved" in the service, his passion is the body of Christ learning to enter into the presence of God everyday. Josh Siratt is a worshiper and inspires you to be a person who worships God daily throughout the day. Tracy is a teacher, often times you go out of his message feeling like you need to go home and reread the whole Bible! He takes it deep and really challenges you to search out the scripture.

You can imagine with the combination of the three how amazing the conference was. I want to talk about one little bitty practical aspect that I felt wow, people my age they don't know this. Trust me this was not the only thing I felt this way about, but it's some great practical revelation.

Josh Siratt was speaking Saturday morning about acknowledging the Holy Spirit daily. He discussed the frustrations of trying to find the "plan" for your life and he said this
"many times we never hear the plan God has for us, because we've already made one for ourselves"

In other words we go into prayer asking God for what He wants us to do, but all we really want is to be able to say that we prayed about the thing we'd already decided we were going to do.

Josh put it this way. Go into prayer in neutral. Go into prayer without an agenda, or a plan, and allow God to speak. Let God inform you of the plan, instead of you informing God of yours.

I liked this practical piece of information because so many people my age are in college, graduating college, trying to pick jobs, thinking about marriage, deciding where to live, some of the biggest decisions of our lives are being made...
Are we letting God make them? or are we coming to Him with our plan?

Something to think about.
Be Blessed,
J. Tate

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