The Full Notepad

A long while back I put a little notepad inside my purse.

I first did this because God started speaking to me at the most inopportune times for me to meditate, think about, pray through the things He was saying for instance in the bathroom, during a class at Tech, a few words during worship.

I had just recently been set free from the lie of the enemy that I couldn't hear the voice of God. When I would hear things I would second guess and doubt, the enemy came in trying to steal what God had said to me.

So here I was knowing it was God, not believing the lies, and yet God chooses to speak at times when I had no way to really pay attention and dive into what He was telling me. Hence the notepad.

I kept that notepad with me everywhere I went in my purse, backpack, carrying sack, occasionally the pocket. It's ventured all over the state of texas, multiple states across the U.S. and even overseas to many countries.

This notepad is priceless to me. It has Words from the Holy Spirit that were spoken to me of truth, grace, love, compassion, discipline, vision, wisdom, etc.

Now this notepad is full.

It only tells me one thing. When we're willing to listen, God will speak. By the simple act of keeping that notepad with me at all times, I was telling the Holy Spirit, it doesn't matter when, it doesn't matter where, I'm ready to hear Your voice for my life.

Many times all I could do is jot down the words and go back to them later, but still I didn't neglect what He had to say just because I wasn't in the best possible scenario to hear Him.

I know the devil is a liar, for the Bible says that the sheep will hear the shepherd's voice. Which means I know His voice, I just need to listen for Him.

Do you want to hear the Lord's voice? What steps do you take to ensure that you hear His imput for your life?

I had an empty notepad... now it is full.

Oh how He loves me.
Be blessed,
J. Tate