Valentines Day

I find Valentine's Day to be one of my FAVORITE holidays. In fact, it ranks just below Easter and if you know me you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE EASTER!

Valentines Day is a day that we celebrate love and it's really up to you whose love you choose to celebrate and how you choose to celebrate.

Of course I am not ignorant and I realize that for many women, if you are single, this holiday happens to cause more pain than celebration and frankly I just hate that; even though I do understand.

Love is why we exist, love is how I'm able to enjoy relationship, love gives me a hopeful future, LOVE. It's all about love. God is love. On this day I get to celebrate love. The love of a Father who created me, HE WANTED ME!, the love of Jesus, my best friend, my Savior, HE DIED FOR ME!, and of course the love of significant others, friends, family, etc. It's a day to celebrate LOVE.

I believe in love. I believe in the power and strength of love. I believe that we are beings created to love. Love ALL others as God loves us. We all have so much to offer, so much bundled up in our love.

Remarkably what makes this day so hard for ladies is something that God has placed inside of you, that the enemy uses against you. It's hard because you want to love and be loved, it's not coincidental that this happens to be the life God offers for us. A life of unconditional love.

On this Valentines Day I encourage you to celebrate love. Whether it be celebrating love between you and your significant other, between you and friends, or you and your Heavenly Father. You are loved and there is love to be celebrated. Don't allow the enemy to use this as a time to attack your heart and emotions.

If you're single and struggling, remember there is a reason you're waiting and when that person comes along you won't regret it.

Be Blessed,
J. Tate