Here we go let's go

It's been a while since my last blog and I've obviously it's not from lack of things to say (LOL), but more lack of time.
I'm now sitting here on my lunch break at work where I'm usually running around madly trying to complete the day's tasks. Instead today I have a song playing and I'm relaxing, I actually ate lunch (I hardly ever have time to eat lunch on my lunch break)and I'm enjoying these moments to reflect.

For the past three days I've woken up with a song in my head.

"Open up the Sky" by Deluge.

It says:
We won't be satisfied with anything ordinary, we won't be satisfied with anything at all... we don't want anything but You

There are more great lines from that song, but those truly penetrate my heart. Here are my thoughts, the truth is, that those words are ad much a matter of choice as it is a matter of change.

I remember when Jesus touched my life and I radically changed, but I also remember those days when temptation came to be satisfied for less. There are idols all over this world offering a short cut, easy satisfaction, and short lived glory. We have to make a choice to not be satisfied with the ordinary, to press in to the heart of God and touch what we were created for, relationship with the Father.

"Here we go let's go to the throne the place that we belong right into His arms"

Do we realize where we belong? We were created for communion with the Father, we belong, with Him. That's why Paul tells us we are foreigners in this land, THIS ISN'T HOME, WE'RE JUST PASSING THROUGH.

This is humbling to me. The fact that truth says that an EXTREMELY minuscule and small portion of my life is spent in these years of living here, and the majority of my life will be the eternity that I spend with God and yet I'm so quick to look for other satisfactions, other fulfillment, while here. It's the epitome of Hosea of a lover that runs back to prostitution rather than the relationship that was given to her.

Make a decision not to be satisfied with anything, but what you are created for. Remember the eternal perspective.

Be Blessed,
J. Tate