A reality check with DL MOODY

Read this short passage:

The first two or three years that I attempted to talk in the meetings, I saw that the older people did not like it. I had sense enough to know that I was a bore to them. "Well, I went out upon the street and I got eighteen little children to follow me the first Sunday, and I led them into the Sunday-school. I found that I had something to do. I was encouraged, and I kept at that work. And if I am worth anything to the Christian church to-day, it is as much due to that work as anything else. I could not explain these Scriptural passages to them, for I did not then comprehend them, but I could tell them stories; I could tell them that Christ loved them, and that He died for them. I did the best I could. I used the little talent I had, and God kept giving me more talents, and so, let me say, find some work. See if you can get a Sabbath-school to teach. If you cannot get that, go down into the dark lanes and byways of the city and talk to them and sing some gospel hymns; or, if you cannot sing, take some one with you that can sing some of these songs of praise. Sing or read the twenty-third psalm, or pray, and you can get a blessing in that way. When you have won one soul to Christ, you will want to win two, and when you get into the luxury of winning souls it will be a new world to you, and you will not think of going back to the world at all.

This passage is written by DL MOODY. Moody was a well known evangelist back in the 1800's.

I find it interesting that even then we had ministers trying to provoke the church to action. Not the church as an organization and a ministry, but THE church, THE bride of Christ. YOU, ME, US, AS INDIVIDUALS.

We must find something to do to win souls to Jesus Christ. Perhaps walk down to your local park and strike up conversation with strangers, start a Bible study, take some food to the local homeless, find ways to give of the talents that God has given to you, to use for HIS KINGDOM.

Alas once you feel you have done all you can in the natural to win the lost, then sacrifice of your heart and time interceding as if every prayer meant heaven or hell for them.

I have come to the conclusion that the enemy has convinced us that we "do all we can", but yet my pillow is not stained with tears for mourning the lost and my knees are yet bruised from hours of intercession.

I pray that my eyes would be opened to the reality that every person who does not accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives will spend eternity in hell. I believe that when this really becomes reality we would no longer hesitate in evangelism. The hours dedicated to winning the lost would no longer be an inconvenience.

God help us.
J. Tate