Testimony and a lesson about money

I want to talk about something that most people my age try to avoid... financial responsibility. Before you stop reading at the anxiety of those two words, hear me out, I really believe I have a message for us.

A few years ago while I was in college the Lord laid it on my heart to build a new area into my budget, "ministry". I already paid tithes, gave offerings, and had a missions savings account. So with the small amount of money I was making in college I didn't just have tons of extra cash lying around, but I was obedient and started out with $25 a month in my "ministry" budget.

This extra category was money only used for different types of ministry God laid on my heart to do. Perhaps I'd buy a friend's dinner, pay for the car behind me at a fast food restaurant, give it to a ministry that was on my heart, pay for someone's stuff at wal-mart etc.

I look back on college now and it is remarkable that I was able to do all that I did throughout college all the coffee and meals with friends, bowling, movies, etc. I never lacked. God always took care of me. Malachi 3 says that if we bring our tithes and offerings into the storehouses then he will fill our barns to overflowing. I was always overflowing. I was full of peace, joy, friendship, love, food, shelter, etc.

I've been on several mission trips and have always gotten what I needed to go and I believe it is because I let God be the director of my finances. He is my financial advisor.

This year I was taught a lesson by my Pastor's wife. She showed me that the Bible says God gives seed to the sower. So, I needed to be praying for seed. So I began to pray for seed.

First it started simple. Someone gave me $20 and I said okay God then I will plant this $20 and I gave it away. Then someone gave me $50 and I gave it away. Then someone gave me $100 and I gave it away. You get the point. Over the last 6 months I have been given and given away more money than I've kept up with. What a testimony!

The truth is that I think our generation needs to be taught that when we give ourselves to the Lord, we give away everything. Let's learn from the rich young ruler's mistake. Not only do we give our time but we need to give our money, all of it, to Him. Does this mean every dime must be given away? or that we can't buy things for ourselves? No. What this means is that we give God free reign to tell us what to do with the money.

If He asks us to give it away, give it away, to support a missionary, to buy lunch for someone. Never forget the Bible says it is much better to give than to receive.

I have found that every dime I earn is not my own. It's all His. He is Jehovah Jireh my Provider, and we will never be more blessed financially, emotionally, spiritually, than when we give Him everything we think is ours.

Be Blessed,
J. Tate