Full Circle- I need Him

We've all heard it said that everyone is equal in their need for JESUS.

I often reflect on that point in my life where the light bulb came on. That moment when I knew I needed Jesus. As a Christian you must have a similar story. Think about it for a moment. Where were you? What were you doing? Did something spark this thought or was it simply the love of God flooding you? Did it take seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, or years for you to respond to this epiphany?

We all have a love story.

As my relationship with Jesus grew I learned that it wasn't just a need for Jesus, I desired Him. I wanted Jesus. I wanted Him to be apart of my life. I wanted Him and I want Him. I love Him.

As the circle of life goes there are often times that He has to remind me, Jessika, you need me.

I want to make a small side note at that. I discussed with someone the other day that I can't think of one person who just naturally calls me Jessika. Most people call me jess, j. tate, or some variation of my name. When the Lord speaks to me He always calls me by name. That being said last night someone asked me what my name meant and i realized I didn't even remember. So today I looked up what my name meant... my name means "He sees". I dont find it coincidence that God calls me by name and I surely don't find it coincidence that my name means "He sees". Sidebar over :)

To be a Christian we all must have this epiphany, light bulb, whatever you want to call it, when we realize wow, I need Jesus. As relationship goes we'll develop into I want you Jesus. My prayer is that I never forget what first brought me to Him, "I need you Jesus"

No one has a greater need for Jesus. Not me who has been living faithfully for God for years, not my pastor who has been serving God for over 30 years, not the teenager in the midst of their sin, not the prostitute, the destitute, the drug addict. All of us are equal in our need for Jesus Christ.

So life continues on. My need for Jesus never changing, but my desire growing for Him. I want Him, I need Him, I've got to have Him and the love story will go on too.

Be Blessed,
J. Tate
JESSIKA "He sees"