"Jessika Arise"- It's harvest time, get ready Liberty

Let me tell you a story that has my heart full of joy.

This story is about some events that have taken place over the last 4 days. Let's start on Tuesday.

On Tuesday i began rereading "A Heart Ablaze" by John Bevere. If you have never read this book, read it. As I was reading it, the introduction convicted me! I prayed that afternoon for God to create opportunities for me to be a better witness to my students.

Also, on Tuesday night was our district track meet. That night at the track meet a situation happened that had about 10 girls looking at me to see how I would react to it. I knew this was the opportunity I'd prayed for. I can say that I carefully watched my demeanor and the words I said to make the most of this opportunity.

After the track meet one of the athletes that had been with those girls came up to me and said coach I need to talk to you tomorrow morning can we meet in your office before school. Let's move to Wednesday.

Wednesday morning she came into my office and began to share some things that were going on in her life as she wrapped up she said I think I need the Jesus you always talk about. PRAISE GOD!

Wednesday night at church our worship team played a song that always gets me. "I Give Myself Away" (If I remember I'll attach at the bottom of the blog) Often when they play this song I cry and pray with feelings that go something like this...
God I'm so sorry I'm not giving myself completely away, help me to be more selfless or in the other direction like this...
God I'm doing all I can why am I not seeing more results!...

Either way it's about me. On this particular Wednesday night as I heard the words "I give myself away so you can use me" I got facedown before the Lord and I broke. I wept. This time the prayers were this...
God help this young girl. God help me to be led by Your Spirit so your will is accomplished.

My heart broke for the young girls I work with daily! Let's go to Thursday.

On thursday a student in my class came running up to me so excited, screaming actually. She told me about how she had been at a youth group the night before and God had touched her, He moved, and how she would never be the same.
As we talked other students began to crowd around and when she was finished the questions started.

"Coach what does it mean to be saved?" "What does it mean God touched you" "I don't understand why you say you have a relationship with Jesus"

For nearly 25 minutes I got to share the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ with my students. Then the next class came in!

This class had heard about the conversation and wanted to know more, so I got to talk to them about it too! Then the next class came in!

During that class for some reason a song I hardly ever listen to was playing on my playlist as they walked in. The song was "Souled Out" by Lecrae. The students exclaimed "Coach Tate I thought you didn't listen to bad music?" I told them girls this is Christian music. They didn't believe me so I printed off the lyrics for them.

As they read the lyrics they began to ask questions about Jesus!! I once again got to talk about my wonderful Savior!

Now it's Friday. I woke up this morning and the Holy Spirit said "Jessika Arise". I said okay Lord and I got up and went to go take my shower as usual. As I was in the shower I heard the Holy Spirit say "Jessika Arise". I said "Lord I'm up I'm in the shower". I went to the living room to do my quiet time as I was reading the Bible the Holy Spirit said "Jessika Arise"! Finally I said "Lord I'm up, I'm spending time with You, what are you talking about Arise?" Then He spoke.
"Jessika I'm not talking about your physical nature, I'm talking about the spiritual, I'm talking about seeing a harvest"


Hope you're as encouraged as I am!
Be Blessed,
J. Tate

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