Faith vs. Hope

As I wrote about in my last blog I am doing an in depth study of faith.

I am learning so much and seeing where my mentor truly knew how badly I needed to go more in depth on my understanding of faith.
I go to a full gospel, non-denominational church, where faith is talked about almost every Sunday and yet so many things taught have not "clicked". I know that many of my readers go to a similar church and many or I might even say most are from a denominational church, such as the Baptist church. I'm so thankful that yal' continue to read my posts even if their are slight disagreements occasionally.

I've always thought I had faith, even strong faith. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God without a doubt in my mind, I believe He died for my sins and resurrected on the third day, and I believe He is coming again. You couldn't talk me out of this belief if I tried, but there is so much more to faith.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Faith is knowing that God is who He says He is, He'll do what He says He'll do, He did what He said He did.

During this time of study on faith I'm using a few aids along with the Word such as a Faith study course. Today I was reading about the difference in faith and hope.

You see Mark 11:24 says that whatsoever you ask for BELIEVE you receive them and you will have them. Isn't that what faith is? It's asking for something and truly believing that we will receive it before we even have evidence of having them!

I think we've made something negative out of asking God for things and I hope that you all reading know me well enough to know my heart about "things" "mammon" etc. We can ask God for things and it not be a negative thing. We can even ask God for "non-spiritual" things and it be okay. He is Daddy God and He listens to us and knows our hearts.

What I see in Mark 11:24 is that I have to believe I receive it, before I receive it. That is faith. Believing in the unseen. Whether what I asked for was joy, peace, salvation for someone, a bike, an answer, a boat, wisdom, healing, etc... (I use diverse petitions on purpose)

But how many times do I ask and hope for rather than ask and believe I receive? There is a difference between faith and hope. Christ in me the hope of glory, I have a Blessed hope that Jesus Christ will return one day. Hope is believing that something will happen in the future, faith if you notice, is now.

Faith must believe before it receives... you don't need faith for something you already have.

We need to begin to examine ourselves to see if we are in faith as 2 Cor. says. When I come boldly into the throne room of grace ask according to the Word and will of God do I ask in faith, believing I receive?

I think that many times we hope rather than have faith because we can't believe for something we're not sure we have. I don't think this is a lack of "faith" necessarily, I think we question what God's will for our lives is and then we doubt we will receive what we ask. This comes from a pure heart of truly wanting what God wants for our lives, but in order to receive we need to know what the Word says God will do, who He is, what He wants for us, and then we could ask in faith.

Perhaps more on this later,
Be Blessed,
J. Tate