An American Missionary

I have completely fallen in love with the foreign mission field. I can't even put into words how much I enjoy long flights, stamps on my passport, airports, foreign languages, preaching with a translator, different cultures, hugging orphans and widows, coming along side different ministries, hut to hut evangelism, foreign currency, new foods, new landscapes, and the list could go on and on. I love to go for a short period and come back and share about everything God did over there. A few weeks ago I was busy trying to decide where I was going to take my next mission trip when God spoke to me, He said, "Jessika stop trying to go somewhere you are on your mission field right now"

I didn't really want to hear that. I wanted to hear "GO". Go to Africa, go to South America, go to Europe, go preach/minister at this church or that place. Go do ministry here or there.

Instead it was this... Go love these kids. Not little African kids, but the American ones, that I see everyday in my classroom or on my team. We all know that we are supposed to be witnesses no matter where we are and I have always believed that and tried to be that. However, I realized there are major differences in how I live on the mission field and how I've lived as a teacher/coach here.

On the mission field you're expectant everyday for God to move through you into some else's life whether that be by evangelizing and seeing someone saved, whether that be through encouragement, healing, etc. You expect it. You know that you're on the mission field for a purpose and that purpose is to change lives for Christ everywhere you go. Everyday at the forefront of your mind is how the world needs the gospel of Jesus Christ. You look at everyone as someone who needs to see Jesus in you and through you, therefore you're constantly looking for opportunities to be a Light. It's amazing the amount of time spent in complete intercession while on the mission field. You pray and intercede for everyone you come in contact with, every lost person, every hurting child, you pray before every task you go out to do, constantly believing that God hears you and will move in their lives. It's amazing on the mission field the amount of things you're willing to put up with and not get angry or frustrated. I deal with plans going wrong, not having running water or a comfortable bed, etc. and never get an attitude or complain because it's the mission field!

Wherever you are is your mission field. Wherever you work, wherever you go to school, whatever you do, that is your mission field. If you are here, you are an American Missionary. Do we live like it?

If I want to be a witness and see lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ then I must view my job as my mission field.  I must see every person in equal need of the gospel of Jesus, I must be willing to look for opportunity and expect God to move through me, I must intercede for those in my sphere of influence, and I must not get an attitude or frustrated when everything doesn't work the way I want it to.

This past week there was a young girl at my school who had never heard of Jesus before. It is time that Christians in America rise up and treat their lives as a mission field. Every person on earth, no matter their race or culture is equal in their need for Jesus.

Be Blessed, J. Tate