Time of Death - Separation

I’m not going to type a long 4 page blog today on this topic, because it is one of those that let’s be honest most people just don’t want to hear the truth. However this morning I woke up with it on my heart, so my prayer for you and encouragement to you is to read this and simply examine yourself. How much time are we as the body of Christ truly spending in personal time with God?I talked to a friend Sunday morning and asked them how their time with God was that morning. The response was one that I am willing to bet is rather common among church goers. This person didn’t have personal time with God because they were going to church and felt that was sufficient.

 I do not consider myself legalistic, but I find this statement or viewpoint to be LUDICROUS. We go to church to gather ourselves as believers to glorify God, yes to encounter Him, bless Him, praise Him, learn about Him, be edified in this walk etc. but we go to church because we have relationship with Him.

God is a God of relationship. He wants to spend time with you, He wants to talk to you, teach you, discipline you, encourage you, help you, instruct you, BE APART OF YOUR LIFE. There are several essential parts of living a godly life; Prayer, the Word, discipline, community, worship, repentance, etc...

Many people use the excuse “I just don’t have time”. Okay well did you watch a tv show today? Did you log onto facebook, twitter, myspace, blogger, etc.? Did you take a nap? Did you drive anywhere in the car and listen to music? Did you eat breakfast, lunch, dinner? Perhaps you truly didn’t have time... the fact is you don’t have the time to not! Get up an hour earlier or stay up an hour later.

 The truth of the matter is that we do not understand the consequences of forsaking time with the Father, and that’s not even considering the slap in the face that is to Him. We want His salvation, blessing, protection, help, favor, without any time, love, discipline, on our part. We want something for nothing.

 Spending DAILY time in prayer, in the Word, in worship, in intercession, is ESSENTIAL for the believer. I once heard the analogy that if you were diagnosed with a disease and the doctor said everyday at 9 a.m. be at the hospital for treatment or you’ll die, where would be everyday at 9 a.m.? AT THE HOSPITAL. It doesn’t matter what was going on that day, you would be at the hospital at 9 AM so that you can avoid DEATH.

 Separation from God is spiritual death for the believer. Have you made time with God a priority? Have you considered the consequences of not spending time with Him? Have we taken it a step farther and thought about the people beyond ourselves? If we’re not spending time with God are we walking with the Spirit throughout the day? Are we witnessing and showing the love of God?

The truth is that God loves us, so much that He died for us and as we accepted what Christ did for us, and declared that He was the Lord of our lives, we gave Him LORDSHIP. That means we gave Him the rights to ourselves. He wants to be in relationship with you, daily, constant relationship. He also has things He wants to accomplish through us. Neither will be done without our participation. Meet withHim.

Be Blessed, J. Tate