The Holy Spirit Goes On Runs

This morning I was reminded again of how cool God is. Let me explain.I was driving to work praying in my car and as I pulled into the parking lot of the school I just kept saying "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Jesus..." My heart was overflowing with gratefulness. I kind of begin to laugh at myself because I really wasn't telling Him what I was thankful for, just thank you over and over. So I wrapped up and just said Jesus thank you for all those things You've done, but also for all of those things I don't even know that You do.

I went into my office, had a quiet time, and then waited for my co-worker to get here so that we could go for our run before kids started showing up for practice. She has been getting sick the last couple of days so she decided to cut her run short and I was out in the dark cool morning air running all by myself (just how I like it).

I was enjoying myself so much I decided I was going to add another 10 minute loop and began to turn up a different street to go farther out. As I neared a certain area I felt "that feeling" of the Holy Spirit come over me and He told me to turn back around and go to the school....

I'd lie to say I wasn't disappointed and even tried to reason in my head ways that I could keep running without being disobedient LOL. There wasn't a way (haha) so I headed back to the school. As I walked in the door I remembered what I had prayed just a short time before "Jesus thank you for all those things You've done, BUT ALSO FOR ALL OF THOSE THINGS I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU DO"

I write this to say who knows why I was instructed to turn around, but praise God, He goes with us everywhere we go and He's working on our behalf. I know He's on my side to protect me and to guide me and I know that all I have to do is listen and obey.

He speaks, do we listen?

Thank You for all the things we don't even recognize that You do,

Be Blessed, J. Tate