It's Like Breathing: Not Optional

You all know from blog after blog how much I love having people in my life who will just tell me THE TRUTH! My mentor is definitely one of those people in my life. This morning let's just say, she did it again, and I felt that it was so good, it needed to be shared. We were discussing God's mercy and forgiveness and she said something to the effect of we'll all keep growing as long as we continue to press towards the mark. Me, being me responds with "BUT DON'T YOU EVER GET TIRED OF PRESSING"!!!

I'll take the time to make the side note of how this is why I've always enjoyed having mentors in my life and friends that are passionately seeking Jesus, because these are the people in my inner circle that push me to keep keepin' on. When I'm tired, weary, exhausted, or frustrated I look to those people around me that I respect and I see that they aren't quitting. My mentor is definitely one of those people as I watch her live her life and see that SHE NEVER STOPS PRESSING to grow closer to God, to do more, to be more like Jesus.. etc. Thank God for the people He's placed in our lives to challenge us, encourage us, to hold us accountable.

I just loved her response to my text. "You just have to look at it like breathing... it's not optional"

I'll admit I busted out laughing when I read this text and then I thought about the depth of that statement. She's right.

How many things in our lives have become optional? And yet when given the option we tend to compromise. Look around at our society and a few main things come to mind. Divorce=optional, purity until marriage= optional, church attendance= optional etc.

We've allowed things to be options that SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN AN OPTION. Then there are areas like what we talked about today like pressing, pushing, striving, discipline, etc. Areas like these we find excuses that we think make compromising or slacking off acceptable.

I wonder what would happen if we looked at a few areas of our life and took her advice. What if we just decided that like breathing some things weren't optional.

Be Blessed, J. Tate