The Christmas Gift

There is simplicity in evangelism. This morning as I was praying I once again remembered how blessed I am. Why? Not because I have a great job, new car, wonderful family and friends, an alive and thriving church, a closet with clothes, food in my refrigerator, a college education, etc. All of those things are blessings, but you know why I feel so blessed... I have an intimate relationship with the God of the universe.

I'm blessed because when I talk to Him, He hears me. When I ask for peace He gives me peace, when I ask for things I don't need, He says no, when I cry out for the broken, hurting, and lost He cries too.

This morning I was praying about this holiday season. We're coming upon Christmas. I was reading horror stories of black friday where people were trampled, shot, threatened, etc. and I thought God I'm so sorry we've made your birthday about us.

We've fostered a country that is passionate about themselves rather than the birth of the Savior of the universe. I don't want this holiday to be about me, it's His. There are plenty of times that we get the glory, the attention, etc in our daily lives. Let's make His birthday all about Him.

Do you want to do something for Jesus this Christmas?  Introduce another person to Jesus. Evangelism is so less complicated than we make it. Tell someone about your Best Friend. Tell them how He saved your life and He wants to do the same for them. The truth is many people have "heard the gospel" but few believe it because they haven't seen it demonstrated from us or heard us preach it like we believe it. I'm not much different from them until Jesus came in and did something extraordinary inside of me. They need to hear that He's personal, He's intimate, He talks to us, He works on the inside of us, He works through us, He's here, He is in our midst, He never leaves etc.

PEOPLE NEED TO SEE THAT HE IS REAL THROUGH YOU. Take time this Christmas to give Jesus a present. His desire is that all men be saved, give Him what He so desires. Tell people about Him. Not in an awkward on the street corner with a bull horn way. I've found the best way is to just speak about Him in the way that I feel about Him. I love Him, He's changed me, He's made my life better, He loves me, and He is real and you can know Him too.

Be Blessed, J. Tate