Christmas Break and Updates

Christmas Break= Coffee, Rest, Filling up (spiritually and naturally LOL) A friend mentioned that it had been a while since I'd really updated on just life, so at her request I figured I'd take the time to write a little update on some things on my heart, things going on, and well... life.

I have several things in the making that I am beyond excited about. Among those of course being missions this summer. I already have plans to go to Sudan, Africa and serve (don't worry I'll be looking for support soon enough :) , I'm working on possibly stopping in Uganda to do some orphanage work, and also praying about taking a trip to the LA dream center. I feel beyond blessed to be in a position in my life where I have the ability, time, and support to go to other nations and do the great commission. Sudan like Rwanda has suffered terrible genocide and I've seen this specific passion growing within my heart. This overwhelming desire to go and preaching the love and healing that Jesus Christ offers to those who have been through great tragedy. These people have truly suffered "hell on earth" and I want to do everything I can to ensure that they don't have to suffer it for eternity.

There is also a growing passion inside my heart to do missions here, around the corner, in my back yard. I am becoming increasingly aware of the mission field state side. I believe this is part of why I am wanting to go to the LA dream center this summer and get a look at well organized American missions. I am asking God for ways to begin "missions" right where I am. I'm also asking for Him to begin to give me clear direction on how to channel passions I'm realizing I have.... I guess I have time to tell a short story that I haven't told yet. A couple of weeks ago I was looking into buying a house. I found a really good deal on a beautiful two story house and began to look into it. The only issue was the house was 30 minutes from where I live now. I was really seeking the Lord on if this was the right move for me. Financially it was a no brainer, but I had to really ask myself some questions to decide if I wanted to move. In the end God asked me a few specific questions that have really been changing me these last 2 weeks. 1) What is it you desire? 2) What do you want to change?

Now I know for some people those questions would be pretty easy, but for me it wasn't. I realized I had somehow lost sight of vision, I'd lost sight of some specific dreams, I'd lost focus on some passions I'd had. As I began to reflect on these two questions it's ignited some passion and fire inside of me once again. I'm still learning from this as I've began to study the Word regarding these two questions.

It is indeed Christmas break and I made the decision before break even started that I would set aside this time to TRULY REST. I'm going to be very deliberate about taking time to relax and do a few things I enjoy. Yesterday I ran for over an hour and read a new book most of the day and it was incredibly delightful!! I'm going to spend some quiet time with friends and family.

As the school year starts back up in January I believe I'll be rejuvenated and ready to go. Please be praying as I seek the Lord for clear direction on this summer's "assignments". I'll begin doing some fundraising for Sudan in January and will continue to ask the Lord about Uganda and LA. I'm thankful for a job that enables me to still do so many things I love to do like IMPACT camp, working with youth, going overseas, hugging orphans, spreading the gospel, teaching and speaking, mentoring and being mentored, feeding the hungry, etc.

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoy my life.

Be Blessed, J. Tate