It Is Finished

I have yet to find a single phrase in all of the Bible that had as great of an impact in the spiritual and natural realms.

It Is Finished

In this one statement all of hell was shaken.

As the spotless lamb willingly gave up His life the spiritual and natural realms were impacted. Matthew 27 documents the dead rising from their grave, earthquake, darkeness. People, angels, demons, alike all knew that something EARTH CHANGING, LIFE ALTERING, just occurred.

The Death of a King. The veil was torn.

Here we are at the highest pinnacle or in writing terms the climax of Jesus' life on earth. He'd just spent His life doing the will of the Father, then obediently offered it all, and will soon break the power of sin and death with His glorious resurrection.

The panic of earth and hell must have been unfathomable.

To imagine the Son of God coming to earth is one thing, but to imagine Him taking the weight of MY SIN!

Leonard Ravenhill says it in the best way I know possible.

The heaven of heavens cannot contain Him. Yet He clothed Himself in flesh and blood and crept into a woman's womb. How God became man I do not know, but less, less, less do I know HOW DID HE BECOME SIN?


There is a heart revelation that needs to be grasped from the pulpit to the pews and that's the overwhelming truth that He loves. I know we've sang it, I know we've said it, I know we've heard it, but the overwhelming, humbling, life changing truth, is that perfection took on my sin, out of unmerited, unconditional, unchanging... love.

Love so powerful that even knowing who we are... He'd die for us.

I can imagine the things that satan must have said to Him. He was tempted in the same ways as you and I. I know how often the enemy tries to tell me I'm ineffective, I waste my time, ministry is not worth it, no one is listening, people are who they are etc.

Can you imagine the scale on which satan must have used on Jesus. You can die for them, but they still won't live for You... Is it really worth it?

He said yes.

And ... "It Is Finished"

For whatever reason this morning those three words awakened within me. I can only imagine the picture as the Son of God marches to His death, carrying the cross, being reviled by the very ones He was willingly offering His life for. Crying out Father forgive them because His love was stronger than sin.

We cannot disassociate that it was our sin that bore on Him and we must not disassociate that it was His love that made Him willing.

It is the greatest supernatural tragedy stricken love story of all time.

And... "It Is Finished"

Three words that forever changed our lives.

I can only quote the Moravians to end.

May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering

Be Blessed, J. Tate