New Year... New Season... Resolution

I'm not going to lie I've always found "New Years" to be a quite humorous moment in time. People all across the world wait for the clock to strike midnight so that we can toast, kiss, applaud, and bring in the new year on a good foot. We make multiple resolutions declaring that this year is going to be different from the last. We're going to be better people some with resolutions effecting the body, the Spirit, the mind, perhaps involving your family, friendship, significant other... one thing is for certain we all want to make some changes. Isn't that the point of a resolution?

I, though often a critic of New Years resolutions, also fully support them. I believe in making thought out decisions that require greater disciplined choices resulting in a better you or better me.

New years creates an atmosphere of self reflection. Was I the Christian, teacher, coach, youth leader, sister, daughter, friend, etc. that I wanted to be this year? Do I see things that I need or want to change? And most important am I willing to make the sacrifice or change?

Here is my qualm with new years resolutions. Not that it particularly needs to be heard but if you're reading this blog I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat simply dying to know my opinion on things. (yes that's sarcasm) New Years resolutions don't often result in effectual and lasting change. They are the product of a cultural ritual. In other words we begin thinking about things that need improvement in our life not because the Holy Spirit moved us to repentance or brought a reproof that caused heart change, not because of an experience that awakened us to a need for change, but simply because it's new years and it's what you're supposed to do.

I believe in consistent routine self reflection. Every few weeks or months taking time to look at myself honestly and see if I'm being the person I'm called to be, should be, and want to be. I believe in daily asking the Holy Spirit to show me areas of my life that need to be more like Jesus. There is plenty to keep me busy through the grace of God making changes year round.

In other words I believe in new year, new day, new season, new me, all year round.

I encourage you during this time to do self reflection. I encourage you to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to make some realistic and effective goals and resolutions. Decide in your heart that you are going to achieve, conquer, and have victory in specific areas of your life. Ask for the grace of God to empower you, so that for you it isn't just another empty resolution.

Partner with the Holy Spirit and become more like Jesus. Be the person you're called to be, should be, and want to be.

Then remember sanctification is a year long process that results in effective and lasting change. Flesh dies, He lives.

Be blessed and happy new years!